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Hey, have some cocoa and cheer up. It'll be all right!

–Yukisada, Ice Watching: Round 1


Character Information
Japanese Name 雪定
Romaji Name Yukisada
Character Code 0107
Location Iceberg Isle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Snowy Owl
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Iceberg Isle
Personal Status

Yukisada (雪定) is a humanoid snowy owl, a close friend of Shirogane, as well as his housemate. He is a supporting character in Ice Scream.


Yukisada has short, fluffy white hair, an ahoge resembling a feather, and small, brown spots on the crown of his head. He has black irises and yellow sclera. He wears traditional Japanese clothing consisting of: a brown scarf, a light brown hakamashita with a dark brown hakama, a white, feathery haori, white tabi socks, and black geta.


Yukisada is kindhearted, friendly, generous, and considerate in nature, being one of the handful of people willing to defend Shirogane when others belittle him, and even allowing the wolf to stay at his house. He is against the idea of disrespecting and insulting others, and will reprimand someone should he see them hurt another's feelings. He tends to look on the positive side of things, and dislikes having negative thoughts about someone.


Yukisada is allegedly a doctor in Iceberg Isle, and helps care for its citizens.





Ice Scream Cast


Shirogane is Yukisada's housemate and close friend. He familiarly calls him "Shiro", and defends him from whatever scorn he receives. Yukisada is often consoling and giving comfort to Shirogane in his persistent feelings of sadness and worthlessness.


Rocma is Yukisada's neighbor. Yukisada has been seen trying to reinforce a positive outlook to Shirogane regarding Rocma. However, she has stated how she wishes to rip him and Shirogane to shreds whenever she looks at them.


Mafuyu is Yukisada's neighbor.


Peraco is Yukisada's friend and neighbor.


Rock is Yukisada's neighbor. Yukisada expresses disapproval of Rock's attitude toward Shirogane, and even approaches the penguin himself to confront him of the matter.


Idate is an enemy of Yukisada. In official artworks, Yukisada has been shown tortured and eaten alive by Idate.


Suno is Yukisada's neighbor. Yukisada showed disapproval of Suno when he insulted and mocked Shirogane.


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  • His name, "Yukisada", is of Japanese origins, and has the meaning of "Constant Snow".[1]
  • It is said that clam chowder is Yukisada's specialty.
  • Yukisada has a sweet tooth, and owns a scale in his home that is essential for him because of it.
  • Fans have speculated due to an update on 10/23 titled "Fried Egg" (目玉焼き) that Yukisada is a trans male due to being presented with the ability to lay an egg. This is further proven to the translation being Yukisada's egg.[2] As Yukisada is an owl, laying eggs is strictly a female trait. Whether or not this is fact, this is simply speculation, especially considering that it could be just a joke or gag.
  • As of September 7th, 2017, Yukisada has been ranked 25th on the Deep Sea Prisoner popularity poll.


  • "H-hey, don't say such mean things, everybody." (Persecution Complex Funtime Ice Watching: Round 2)
  • "Hey! Shirogane's crying! Stop!" (Persecution Complex Funtime Ice Watching: Round 2)
  • "That was so mean, Rock... You made Shirogane cry!" (To Rock, regarding Shirogane Ice Watching: Round 2)
  • "T-That's not true. Rocma was just concerned about the danger..." (To Shirogane, regarding Rocma's warning – Ice Watching: Round 3)
  • "I don't think so at all!" (To Shirogane, regarding Rocma's warning – Ice Watching: Round 3)
  • "S-Suno! How dare you?! You can't say such cruel things! (To Sunosan, regarding his insults to Shirogane Ice Watching: Round 3)
  • "Suno! Shirogane's really nice, okay? Don't talk so badly about him! (To Sunosan, about Shirogane Ice Watching: Round 3)




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