The Witch World is the home of the Great Witch. It is, ironically enough, not considered to be a world, and instead more of a country, as it is located in the Pitch Black World.


Witches are an all-female race of humanoid beings who possess magical abilities through the art of witchcraft. Each witch possess special powers that follow a certain theme or element. Some witches are accompanied by their familiars; individuals who swore loyalty to their witch masters and assist them when needed. The Great Witch is their leader and serves as the overseer of the Witch World, a hub world where witches from different worlds gather around. Their male counterparts are known as wizards.


Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Wadanohara and her familiars travel to the Witch World on Chlomaki's advice, seeking the help of the Great Witch regarding Wadanohara's memories. After the Great Witch comes to the conclusion that she cannot aid Wadanohara, Wadanohara and her familiars leave to return to the Blue Sea.

List of Known Witches


There are no known named locations in the Witch World as of yet.



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  • The male counterparts of Witches are known as Wizards, who also possess magical powers through their wizardry and may also be accompanied by familiars.
    • There are currently 3 known wizards: MeikaiMinami, and Madhata, 2 of them related to Wadanohara, the Sea Witch.
  • Witches (and presumably Wizards) have surprisingly long lifespans. Whether this is a biological trait or an extent of their magic is yet to be explained.


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