Character Information
Japanese Name ヴァイサーズ
Romaji Name Vuaisāzu
Character Code 0156
Status Active
Biological Information
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Justim (Younger Sibling)

Vicers (ヴァイサーズ) is a character that has yet to formally appear in anything. He is Justim's brother, and they both share a complicated relationship; they are said to be connected in a way that they cannot be without each other, but cannot stand each other either.


Vicers has short green hair parted to the left, where his left bangs covers his eyes. He has golden eyes, swamp green horns, and a similarly green tail.

He wears a dark green coat with thorny motifs and a brown belt over a white dress shirt; a black tie; white gloves; black pants; and heeled black shoes, the soles blue-green in color.

His appearance oddly marked him out as a devil, and he was taken to a Devil's Meeting - however, he isn't actually a devil.


He may look scary, but he's actually a scaredy-cat himself.It is also stated that he is "quite blunt".


Not much is known about him except that he has a complicated relationship with his younger brother, Justim.




Justim is the god of his world. Despite the fact that they cannot stand each other, they also can't live without one another.

It was also confirmed by Deep-Sea Prisoner that they are siblings with Justim being the younger of the two.[1] As of the 2017 10 21 update, the two have been shown to have a romantic connection, implying an incestuous relationship.


  • Vicers's name is a wordplay on the word "Vices".
  • Funamusea has stated that "People call him a Devil, but his existence is somewhat more special than that." [2]
    • He was taken to the Devil's Meeting for the sole reason that he looked like one. [3]
  • Since he isn't a devil, his species is unknown. The only category he has appeared in on the Deep-Sea Prisoner website is with Justim and Photon, the former whom is a God and the latter whom is of a similarly unknown species.


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