Ushio (牛尾) is a character that has yet to appear in anything. He is a bull demon from Reficul's world.



Character Information
Japanese Name 牛尾
Romaji Name Ushio
Character Code 0131
Location Reficul's World
Biological Information
Species Bull (Aurochs) / Demon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Reficul's World
Occupation Reficul's Underling
Personal Status


Ushio has what appears to be a bull-like hat on his head. His 'hat' has red eyes, a nose piercing, a tag with the number 666 on it's right ear. Ushio himself, has black eyes but has one red eye on the left, he has raceless white skin; long, black hair in a messy style, he also has a bull tail and horns. He wears a greyish brown coat which fur rimmed on the end of sleeves and hood. He wears a black tie, a gray dress shirt, and a sweater vest under the coat. He has blue jeans and dark brown boots. He also wears black gloves.


As described by Deep Sea Prisoner, he is “a hot-headed, rash idiot”.


Not much is known about him.


The Gray Garden Cast


Boss and the Devil of his world.


Enemy, Ushio hates Lowrie and is probably the reason why Lowrie doesn’t like cows.


  • His name means "Cow Tail".
  • Ushio's eyes turning red when he's angry is a reference to the phrase "a bull seeing red", which is another way to say someone is very enraged.


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