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Music: Amor Kana – "A Nice Old Man" (The Gray Garden)

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Whenever I'm not around here, I usually hang out in my Twitter. I typically tweet terrible shitposts, mostly about the DSP-verse.

So uh, consider following me if you wanna stalk me further! (but not too much...)

I'll follow you back if I can recognize that you're from this wiki!

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Welcome, Visitor!

A Bystander


1v1 me on Plants vs. Zombies Heroes m8
Username: Jitroo

Character Information
Japanese Name Jethro
Romaji Name Jethro
Character Code (0158)-1
Location Yonaka's house
Status pretty much internally dead
Biological Information
Species Unfortunately, I'm a human
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Weight Goodness... I'm not updated.
Professional Status
Affiliation Okegom Wiki
Occupation Student (IRL)
Bureaucrat contributor (interwebs)
Personal Status
Relatives See Awesome people! tab
Education SHS

...It's me.

What is the ups, my visitor? Whether you're here to view this page, steal wikitext coding from here for your own profile page, or simply come here to insult me (which isn't great by the way; I'll block you), I welcome you to my profile page!

I finally have content that I can actually put for an intro

I’m Jethro. Nice to meet you, editor. Either call me A Bystander, Bystander, or Jethro (if we're close). ;)
I don't know just pick one, I don't really care... (except for my actual name, close people only!)

I'm relatively nice, both in and out of the wikia. However, I am also quite the guy who loves memes and shitposting, especially out of the wikia.

But do not dare to do anything stupid that harms others and the wiki content. I swear to lay down the banhammer on your bun-bun.

I’m a bureaucrat here in the wiki, and it is a pleasure to be one! I am the one appointing rights to users if they request.

I genuinely like Deep-Sea Prisoner's works ever since I discovered about them! :D

I’ve been in a lookout on this wiki for quite a while now. I noticed that a lot of empty parts need filling up. And during December, I decided to create my account and started editing. I was shy at first, but more users came along editing. And yeah because of that, I became more active and confident, and even managed to get the highest staff privilege. How very exciting!

See those tabbers at the top? Click 'em to find out more about me!

Because copying Shizaya Lover's idea is a great idea. (it's not)

Add templates for skills, statistics, and XP curves of TGG and WATGBS playable characters and battlers. (Top priority)

  • This will be the biggest project I'll be accomplishing, with some great help from Refi. Good thing Shizaya Lover brought this up in her Ideas thread.
  • So far, only Enemies for The Gray Garden have been accomplished.

Enable community JavaScript coding in the wiki.

  • At the moment, one can only create JS scripts in which they are the only one who can see the change, not the whole community. I want to spruce up this wiki by importing and/or creating scripts to enhance the experience. I want use scripts in a helpful and fun way for the wiki’s appearance. Heck, I could put “YONAKA LOVER” beside my “ADMINISTRATOR” tag in my profile masthead if I want to.
  • If I want this to happen, I have to study a lot of JavaScript coding. Then, I shall contact Fandom staff to enable JS coding here since by default, it’s disabled for security reasons.

Add even more Manual of Style content.

  • These past few weeks were interesting. I’m planning to add more to the Manual due to the missing things there that eventually showed up when some users edited in the wiki.

Blog: What have I learned as a wiki editor? (Low priority)

  • Sure, I may be a copycat, but I do have a lot of things learned as an admin. That blog is planned to be posted.

My Discovery of Deep-Sea Prisoner

How did I found DSP? Well, it all started when I was wasting time in my computer. I can't do anything but stare blankly on the screen for some reason.

I decided to go to vgperson's game page. Usually I go there to check out if there's any update to any game that I played (especially Mad Father)

Anyways, out of boredom I checked some random games in the site. And I stumbled upon Mogeko Castle. I checked it and, well...?

The design is great when I checked the previews. I considered downloading it and played it. Thoughts?

One of my faves so far! I am really interested to the creator, and because of that, I went to see their other games.

So yeah, The Gray Garden, Garden Gray The and Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

They are awesome!

After playing the games and discovering more of Mogeko, I found this wiki. There were a huge number of empty slots needed to be filled in. So yeah, I decided to create a wiki account and contribute. I was sloppy at first, but now I am getting a hang of it. :D

Awesome people

These people are the greatest people I've met here in the wiki (alphabetical). Mess with 'em and you'll pay... big time...


Fellow administrator and a good friend of mine. She is the first ever friend of mine in the wiki who appreciated my hard work. I was inspired when she came along, too. Before this wiki even grew big, it was like just me, her, and Violette who were doing the majority of the edits.


Creator of the Okegom Wiki! She was extremely generous to grant me administrator and bureaucrat rights. I can't thank her enough through words. :D

Deserve not Desire

Ah yes... There is one particular thing that I like from this user: socialising with others. I'm seeing him in almost every comment section I find. He has even made quite a handful of acquaintances, which is very helpful in building the relationship within the wiki community.


What can I say? This user over here has actually made massive edits, especially grammar-wise. Honestly, this has impacted the formality of the frequently visited articles we have here. They are also actually patrolling the wiki quite often in times of me not being around. Huge thanks to you!


Fellow administrator of the same nationality and arguably the closest friend of mine here in the wiki. We kinda talk quite a lot on Twitter, mostly about Deep-Sea Prisoner, our school lives and of course, memes. You could say that we have injected memes into our bloodstreams because that is probably how we roll. 😎


A fairly close friend of mine and has contributed a lot in the wiki. She loves orcas and shitposting, but is actually nice when talking to her especially when asking for help. Please don't ask me how much she is into Idate.

Filipino squad, where you at?

It is very rare for me to find people of my nationality that are part of this fandom, and seeing them is already cool enough!

Edit Milestones

My eidt milestones. I'm not gonna edit that typo.


My list of favorites. Don't hate me because of my faves, 'aight?

Favorite Mogeko Game

Nice try... I won't tell it...

Favorite Non-Mogeko Game

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Been playing this since its release!)

Favorite Characters

Favorite In-Wiki Meme


Favorite Badges

Key to the Wiki! – Reach daily edit streak to 5 On Fire! – Go crazy! And One More Thing – Comment on 10 different blog posts Peacekeeper – 50 Angel-based edits Rad Hatter – 50 Witch-based edits Mogeko Expert – 500 (and its multiples) edits Curator – Add 250 (and its multiples) images to mainspace Dedicated – Reach daily edit streak to 60 Angelic Vision – 250 Angel-based edits The Triumphant – 500 Angel-based edits Zookeeper – 250 Animal-based edits Wonder of the Wildlife – 500 Animal-based edits 


I've had some free time here, and I've decided to do random stuff! Take a look at 'em here!
(More to come!)


This is my playground for HTML & wikitext coding. –> User:A Bystander/Sandbox

Okegom Wiki Quiz

Test your knowledge about Deep-Sea Prisoner and the Okegom Wiki! –> User:A Bystander/Okegom Wiki Quiz

Crack Pairing Generator

Wasting time? Generate the best or worst ships here! –> User:A Bystander/Crack Pairing Generator

Challenge Zone

Replay the Deep-Sea Prisoner games and complete my set of challenges! –> User:A Bystander/Challenge Zone

So Yeah...

I can't believe you've read the entirety of my profile. It must've been a waste of your valuable time but you still read it nevertheless. Thanks!
You have to go? Well then... Take this and hope it will take you somewhere great!

Click to go to your destination!

Where in the Interwebs can you find me?

  • Love Live! School idol festival (EN) ID: 288588642
  • Plants vs Zombies Heroes: Jitroo
  • Pokémon GO: 9115 5979 6810
  • Granblue Fantasy: 23964751
  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! (EN): 3365672

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