Character Information
Japanese Name 剱御前
Romaji Name Tsurugigozen
Character Code 0278
Location Fumus' World
Biological Information
Species Angel (Seraph)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Fumus' World
Occupation Fumus' underling
Personal Status

Tsurugigozen (剱御前) is a seraph, and the 8th subordinate of Fumus. He has yet to formally appear in any series.


Tsurugigozen has long, black hair tied up in a loose ponytail; an ahoge; and red, narrowed eyes. He wears a gakuran, and wield a kyū guntō with no apparent sheath. He has three pairs of wings that connote his status as a seraph.


There is not a lot of sources that can provide an understanding of the character's personality; however he is shown to get irritated when made fun of as shown by his interaction with Kyou teasing him about whether or not Fumus had sexually assaulted the seraph's heart.

He has been said to cry a lot if he was sexually mistreated.


Not much is known about him.


Up to this day, Tsurugigozen has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's Illustrations.



Fumus is Tsurugigozen's God and boss. In the recent sunahama update, Satanick wrote a nonfictional book about Fumus torturing him and violating his heart, so it would appear that Tsurugigozen is also a subject of abuse from Fumus.


Taffy is one of Tsurugigozen's colleagues and, possibly, a friend. They have been seen drinking coffee together in a banner artwork.


Olive is one of Tsururgigozen's colleagues and, possibly, a friend.


Daimonji and Tsurugigozen are quite possibly enemies. Tsurugigozen seems to have done something that hurt him in the past.


According to a Sunahama log, Maekami wishes to tear him apart for what he has done to Daimonji. It is unknown if Tsurugigozen also knows Maekami.


Kyou once irked Tsurugigozen over what happened in the nonfictional book by Satanick, much to his displeasure. They do not seem to be on good terms.


  • His name,"Tsurugigozen", is of Japanese origins, and has the meaning: "Before the Honorable/Governing Sword"
  • On the first page of Chapter 6 of the Obsolete Dream manga, the silhouette of one of the angels bears an uncanny resemblance to Tsurugigozen. Whether this is truly him or not is up for debate.


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