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Hey, Scor! You seem to be having fun today.

–Tsumuri, Poison Bugs



Character Information
Japanese Name ツムリ
Romaji Name Tsumuri
Character Code 0040
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Earwig
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status

Tsumuri (ツムリ) is the main character in Poison Bugs. He is a humanoid earwig. He is described as being a "friendly and gentle youth". However, he's quite the opposite.


Tsumuri has straight black, shoulder length hair with two curling antennae and red eyes. He wears a black suit with a violet dress shirt underneath and what it seems to be black gloves. He has six arms and a long black tail that ends in sharp-looking pincers.

However, in recent drawings, Tsumuri was seen with the same clothing, yet he had longer antennae, a pair of white fly wings, and missing two sets of his arms and his tail.

He was also been seen in similar clothing, changes being a purple tinted inner hair, a black miniskirt, black nails, black long footwear, the lack of a tail, and two pairs of arms.


Tsumuri is described as "a kind bug with many friends," but in reality, is a sadistic person. He possibly has a tendency to use feminine clothing.


Not much is known about his past.





Poison Bugs Cast


Ico is Tsumuri's lover.


Scor is one of Tsumuri's bully-victims. In one drawing, Tsumuri can be seen with a chainsaw and holding Scor's severed hand.


Odea seems to be one of Tsumuri's bully-victims. In one drawing, Tsumuri can be seen with a knife, cutting open Odea's stomach and ripping out one of his organs as he is nailed to what seems like a table.


Memez is Tsumuri's friend.


Tsumuri is possibly one of Maimai's friends.


It is said that they are friends. Nothing else is known about their relationship.

Other Characters


It is unknown what relationship they have. It seems that Tsumuri likes to annoy Glasses with the fact that he blushes for just taking the hands of his girlfriend, Kiku, and mocks that he has never kissed her.



  • "Tsumuri" means "head."
  • Tsumuri is depicted with a non-consistent number of arms - the original portrait showing six, most images showing four, and even two on rare occasions.
    • A possible reason for this is that Tsumuri may be able to control the amount of arms he can grow at any given time, based upon a now deleted comic. [1]


  • "Hey, Scor! You seem to be having fun again today." (Poison Bugs, Episode 1)
  • "It's your own fault for being so weak."
  • "Man, playing with friends is definitely the most fun. Scor-kun, it’s just the beginning of a new year, and you’re already speaking such filthy language, lol."



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