Tomoe Yahata (夜幡 トモエ) is one of the characters that has yet to appear in any series. She is Nataka Kurokawa's friend.

Tomoe Yahata


Character Information
Japanese Name 夜幡 トモエ
Romaji Name Yahata Tomoe
Character Code 0074
Location Human World
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status


Tomoe has fair skin, black eyes with large white pupils. Her hair is black and styled in a short-sporty style. Her clothes are simple, with a white dress shirt, red necktie and a long-sleeved beige sweater over both. She also wears a short dark gray pleated skirt, gray knee-length stockings and red sneakers.


Tomoe is a tomboyish, hot-blooded girl that speaks inelegantly. She is very sporty and likes exercising. She is the most concerned for Nataka, and is often seen trying to cheer her up.


Not much is known about her past.


Up to this day, Tomoe has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's Illustrations and mini-comics.


Nataka Kurokawa

Nataka is Tomoe's friend and classmate. They are often seen together. She cares about Nataka and gets emotional in their interactions. In one instance, she freaked out when a bug flew into Nataka's mouth.

Imika Yuhjima

Tomoe's friend as well as Nataka's. She doesn't speak to Tomoe directly, but hangs around her and Nataka.


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Official artwork


  • Tomoe doesn't like pickles, which caused Nataka to yell at her.
  • "Tomoe" means "Blessing," while "Yahata" means "Night Flag."


  • "But! I don’t like pickles!"


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