Lord Meikai...

–Tatsumiya, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea



Character Information
Japanese Name 竜宮
Romaji Name Tatsumiya
Character Code 0183
Location The Blue Sea Kingdom
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Oarfish
Gender Female
Height 162cm (≈5'3")
Professional Status
Affiliation Uomihime's Court
The Blue Sea Kingdom
Meikai's Familiars (Previously)
The Sea Kingdom (Previously)
Occupation Member of Uomihime's Court
Meikai's Familiar (Previously)
Personal Status
Relatives Wadanohara (Foster Daughter)

Tatsumiya (竜宮) is a humanoid oarfish from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is one of the employees of Uomihime's court, and serves as a foster mother to Wadanohara after the Great Sorcerer's disappearance. She was one of Meikai's familiars.



Her white hair is cut into a short himecut, with red accents visible in the middle of her bangs and at the sides of her face. Two long, red antennae extend from the top of her head. Her eyes are yellow-orange with black pupils. She also has red nails.

Tatsumiya wears a white furisode accented with grey markings and red trim, the end of the long sleeves have red decoration on the tips, and tied with a red obi. Her obijime is yellow and decorated with a white fish. She also wears a pink obi-age.

In her past appearance, her hair in front was the same, but in the back it was much longer. She wore a dark red kimono with lighter red, gradient sleeves, the neck piece was a duller red, and she wore an obi that was the exact same as her current one, except the fish on it had its eye open. In the manga, however, her furisode is, instead, decorated with a variety of flowers.


She is kind and caring, possessing a motherly personality. She takes care of Wadanohara in place of Meikai, and cares for Wadanohara as if she were her daughter. She worries over Wadanohara, being one of the few to recognize the witch's flaws and problems.

She is very loyal to Meikai, often referring to him as Lord Meikai. Even after his death, she continued to serve him by caring for his daughter. Hidden from others, she still misses her master, wondering what truly happened to him after he sacrificed himself to seal the Sea of Death away.


She was Meikai's familiar and the one Meikai had chosen to wield the Sacred Sword; she remained as his familiar up until his supposed death. In the past, she had longer hair and wore a red kimono instead of a white one.

Moments prior to his death, Meikai entrusted the care of his daughter Wadanohara to her. Respecting her master's wishes, Tatsumiya filled the role of parent for Wadanohara in place of her absent father and mother. It was she who taught Wadanohara all of the magic she knows, Tatsumiya passing down to Wadanohara the magic her father used.




Wadanohara Cast


Wadanohara is Tatsumiya's foster daughter, Tatsumiya having taught her all the magic she knows. She cares and loves Wadanohara, carrying out the wishes of her deceased master. Tatsumiya frets over her foster daughter often, worrying about her health and problems. In turn, Wadanohara loves Tatsumiya as her parent, worrying over her well being and health.


Meikai was Tatsumiya's former master, who entrusted her to take care of his daughter, Wadanohara, moments before his death. Tatsumiya greatly respects and cares deeply for her former master, continuing to refer to herself as his familiar even after his death. She also continues to grieve for Meikai, centuries after his death, as she often expresses sorrow when alone over his passing.


Old was Tatsumiya's former fellow familiar. In the past, an altercation between her and Old ended with Old possessing noticeable scars that were made through the usage of the Sacred Sword. Old seeks revenge on her for disfiguring his face and for having been the chosen one instead of him.


Pulmo is Tatsumiya's fellow employee of the Uomihime's court.


Helica is Tatsumiya's fellow employee of the Uomihime's court.


Syakesan is Tatsumiya's former fellow employee of the Uomihime's court.

Other Characters


Idate is Tatsumiya's acquaintance. He saved her from Old. It is implied that Tatsumiya has a crush on him.

Battle Statistics

Battle Statistics of Tatsumiya in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
Basic Information
Tatsumiya.png Name Species
Tatsumiya Oarfish
Default weapon Signature skill
None None
All stats assume no weapon, shield, armor, helmet, or accessory equipped; or no usage of stat items to increase them.
Minimum stats at Level 50
HP MP Attack Defense Spirit Agility
972 833 203 218 471 424
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 1/30 (~3.33%)


  • "Tatsumiya" means "dragon palace."
  • As stated in the physical copy of volume one of the manga, her favorite color is ultramarine. Her favorite food is sweet bean jelly, candy, and Star Candy. Her specialty is magic, singing, and dancing (but this is a secret to most people).
  • In the high school AU, Old and Meikai have a good relationship. Old raises kids as a single father, the mother having left because she had enough of him. Old, Meikai, and Tatsumiya all work together in the same company, and Old and Tatsumiya are subordinates. They all often go out drinking on their way home from work. [1]


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  • ".....Lord Meikai. Just where have you gone off to...? I.......... Did you simply vanish? Lord Meikai..... .....Are you no longer anywhere to be found?"'' (Bonus Room)



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