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Character Information
Japanese Name タフィー
Romaji Name Tafī
Character Code 0211
Location Fumus' World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Seraph
Gender Male
Height 185cm (≈6'1")
Professional Status
Affiliation Fumus' World
Occupation Head Angel of Fumus' World
Personal Status

Taffy (タフィー) is a character that has yet to formally appear in any series. He is Fumus' head angel and a seraph.


Taffy has bright red eyes, long blonde hair in a ponytail and an ahoge. He wears a brown cardigan over a gray turtleneck sweater. In addition to that, he also has black pants and black shoes. He also sports out a green jacket that he hangs on his shoulders. Taffy also has three pairs of wings and carries a Javanese Kris.

Before his redesign, he wore a green jacket and green scarf(?) underneath his jacket. He wore brown gloves, dark brown pants, and black dress shoes. His wings were smaller and he had an uneasy expression.


Taffy is said to mercilessly kill demons. Although he shows no mercy to them, he is shown being very kind to Olive. He seems to dislike black coffee, opposed to Fumus, who constantly drinks it. He is fearful of Fumus' cruel treatment of him, sweating and shivering at the very thought of it. He has been described to have a mind of steel, and if he was sexually mistreated then he wouldn't break down.


In the past he has decapitated Anten and has assaulted Roc Hijohshiki, landing him on bad terms with the two.


Up to this day, Taffy has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's Illustrations.



Anten and Taffy are seemingly on bad terms. Taffy once sliced his head off and held it on a plate.

Roc Hijohshiki

The two have been said to be on bad terms, Roc Hijohshiki particularly wants to lynch Taffy for the reason of assaulting him in the past. Apparently Hidou has good quality footage of this instance.


Fumus is Taffy's boss. Fumus is also Taffy's sadistic god who tortures him in various ways, like cutting off his feathers, denailing him, making him drink hot sauce, or threatening to hurt Olive. One picture depicts Taffy injured and sobbing with Fumus looking angry the background, hinting that he might have beaten Taffy.


Tsurugigozen is Taffy's friend and colleague.


Olive is Taffy's subordinate and significant other. He seems to treat her kindly.


Elwine is Taffy's subordinate.


Chlomaki is Taffy's former subordinate.


Lasafam is Taffy's subordinate.


Egmont is Taffy's subordinate.


Charlotte is Taffy's subordinate.


Rosemary is Taffy's subordinate.


  • On one of Deep Sea Prisoner's works, he is seen holding Anten's head on a plate.
  • In Chapter 3 of Obsolete Dream, what looks like his silhouette appears on a poster.
  • His name is a type of candy similiar to toffee.
    • Taffy's name may have also been inspired by the old English poem "Taffy was a Welshman" about a man named Taffy who was being incriminated of being a thief, where the narrator of the poem also gets back at Taffy for stealing meat. This could represent Taffy's quarrel with the demons Anten and Roc.
  • If he is sexually mistreated, Taffy doesn't breakdown; he has a mind of steel.
  • In a recent Tegaki drawing as of October 2017, there is a drawing of a boy that has striking resemblance to Taffy; in fact, it could be concluded that the boy is indeed Taffy, as the two have the exact same haircut.


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