Not to be confused with Suno, a ladybug character.
If you don't want people to say this and that, and don't want anyone to tease you, your only hope is to go live alone on an island. But you can't even do that. All you can do is mope around and complain pathetically. Bad doggy, can't even change for the better! ♪

–Suno, Ice Watching: Round 3



Character Information
Japanese Name 須野さん
Romaji Name Sunosan
Location Iceberg Isle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Snowman
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Iceberg Isle
Personal Status

Sunosan (須野さん) is a sentient snowman who lives on a snowbank. He is a supporting character in Ice Scream.


Sunosan is a typical white snowman, with a head and an abdomen. He wears a sky blue hat, and also sports a blue scarf on his "neck". He has two sticks for arms, with three branches acting as fingers, two pieces of coal for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and a piece of thick string for a mouth.


Though his character description states that he is a "nice guy," Sunosan, in reality, is ill-natured, passive-aggressive, and jumps at any chance to torment. He is described as pure scum and spouting malicious words if he is not being passive-aggressive. His most prominent victim is Shirogane.


Not much is currently known about his background.





Ice Scream Cast


Suno is antagonistic toward Shirogane, and loves whatever misfortune happens to the wolf. He frequently verbally abuses Shirogane and has a hobby of yanking his tail merely to elicit a shriek of pain out of the wolf, saying it is fun to do so. Suno will not acknowledge him "until [Shirogane] is gutsy enough to take on an orca," but knows how slim the chances to it are.


Yukisada is Suno's neighbor. Suno has admitted his opinion on Yukisada being too lax on Shirogane, but personally does not bear any ill will toward the snowy owl.


  • Sunosan has a tendency to break the fourth wall, and speaks to the players directly, first seen in Ice Watching: Round 1.
  • Sunosan has a fragile body, readily collapsing with a punch or kick, and has arms that break very easily for obvious reasons.
  • He ostensibly likes grilled yakiniku and shiitake mushrooms, as shown in Ice Watching: Round 2.
  • His character summary describes him as "a handsome snowman."
  • As Suno is not capable of walking, he warps instead. This indicates that the snowman is at least powerful enough to do so.


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Ice Scream

Ice Scream Remake


  • "Because, Shirogane. You're a dimwitted, irritating, weakling piece of dog doodoo." (To Shirogane, when the wolf asks why everyone gets irritated with him Ice Watching: Round 3)
  • "Cruel? These are just undeniable facts. This dumb doggy doesn't seem to get it, so I'm giving him a little hand, see? For his own good! ♪" (To Yukisada, regarding Shirogane Ice Watching: Round 3)
  • "You're the one who's too lax on Shirogane. A little teasing from me should be just right." (To Yukisada, regarding his behavior toward Shirogane Ice Watching: Round 3)



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