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Welcome to the Okegom Wiki, the unofficial wiki for Deep-Sea Prisoner content! We're glad that you're paying us a visit! ^o^

Get started by doing one or more of these tasks. Any and every help that we can get is greatly appreciated!

• Add references for critical information in articles.
• Verify already existing information, especially those without references.
• Fix grammar and/or implement proper wording so that articles are easily understandable.
• Add more factual information in articles marked as stubs.
• Join our Discord server. It is the quickest way to get in touch with the wiki's staff team.

Additionally, here are quick links that you can visit related to Deep-Sea Prisoner and the Okegom Wiki:

Deep-Sea Prisoner's website
Deep-Sea Prisoner's Twitter account
Deep-Sea Prisoner's YouTube channel – livestreams occasionally occur in her channel, so be sure to subscribe and turn on channel notifications if you don't want to miss them!
Okegom Wiki's Guidelines – Be sure to read this before starting to edit!
The Okegom Wiki Manual of Style – A manual of proper editing etiquette that should be observed across the wiki.
Okegom Wiki's Twitter account
funamusea Translations – Currently the wiki's main source of translations; translations in this site are approved by Deep-Sea Prisoner.
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