No need to fear me. I won't attack you. I much prefer... to just sit here and drink tea, you see.

–Somewhat Strange Mogeko, Mogeko Castle

Somewhat Strange Mogeko


Character Information
Japanese Name ちょっと変なモゲコ
Romaji Name tyotto hen na mogeko
Location Mogeko Castle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Mogeko
Gender Male(?)
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Castle
Occupation First Floor Guardian
Personal Status
Relatives Mogeko (Brethren)

Somewhat Strange Mogeko (ちょっと変なモゲコ) is one of the seven Special Mogekos of Mogeko Castle. He assists Yonaka Kurai in her quest to escape Mogeko Castle and return home to the Human World.


Unlike the rest of the Special Mogekos, Somewhat Strange Mogeko has no deviation of appearance from the typical Mogeko. Like a typical Mogeko, he has a cute cheery expression, pale yellow fur, a curly mouse tail, and furry cat ears. On the top of his head are fluffy spikes of fur.


Like most Mogekos, Somewhat Strange Mogeko is perverted and has disgusting amounts of porn in his possession. However, unlike the rest of his brethren, he isn't obsessed with high school girls.

Somewhat is friendlier compared to other Mogekos, Somewhat Strange Mogeko was kind enough to direct Yonaka as to how she could escape from Mogeko Castle.


Somewhat Strange Mogeko is said to have been created by King Mogeko alongside the other six Special Mogekos, at the genesis of Mogeko Castle, to serve as a guardian of one of the castle's floors.



  • Mogeko Castle - Somewhat Strange Mogeko appears as the guardian of the first floor, and it is him who counsels Yonaka to ascend the floors of Mogeko Castle in order to return home, as located at the top of the castle is a door that could potentially return her home. He also gives her a big knife, for killing Mogekos with.


King Mogeko

Somewhat Strange Mogeko was created by King Mogeko when the King first created Mogeko Castle. Aside from their relationship as creator and creation, little is known about the two.

Yonaka Kurai

Unlike his brethren, Somewhat Strange Mogeko decides to help her instead of violating her, giving Yonaka a knife to give her offensive capabilities, and telling her that a door located at the top of the castle may return her home.


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  • Somewhat Strange Mogeko's diary is full of records of his masturbation and bowel movements.




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