I no longer need you. Fall deep into the darkness, and burn in disgraceful hellfire.

–Siralos, The Sun's Curse



Character Information
Japanese Name シラロス
Romaji Name Shirarosu
Character Code 0252
Location Land of Sun
Status Active
Biological Information
Species God
Gender Male
Height 165cm (≈ 5'5") [1]
Professional Status
Affiliation Land of Sun
Occupation God of the Land of Sun
Personal Status
Relatives Ivlis (Son)
Igls Unth (Daughter)
Adauchi (Grandson)
Poemi (Granddaughter)
Licorice (Grandson)

Siralos (シラロス) is a character from the same world as Ivlis. He is the god of Ivlis' world and is associated with the sun. Siralos is the creator of Ivlis and Igls Unth.


Siralos has bright orange eyes. His beige hair is long and wavy, parted to two sides. Although he is male, he possesses a fairly feminine appearance.

He wears a brown long cloak with sun patterns underneath, a yellow brooch with an orange jewel, a beige outfit buttoned with gold buttons, the sleeves black and cuffed with white, a black belt at his waist, brown leggings, and a pair of loose, folded black boots which has two big golden buttons at the thigh and one at each of the soles, white gloves, and red-rimmed glasses.


He is known to have a prideful nature, believing he is infallible and his actions are indisputable. He dislikes being doubted and eagerly discards his creation Ivlis for his doubt regarding the morality of having all of the denizens of the Land of Sun dependent on the suns. On the contrary, he is nice to his fellow gods and is also eager to befriend Etihw as shown in the Attack! Devilish Style comic.

He possesses an effeminate side, sometimes dressing in a rather feminine style.


Siralos populated his world with suns and later created Igls Unth and Ivlis. He raised the two as his "children" and servants, teaching them to place absolute faith in him. When Ivlis questioned the morality of having all of the Land of Sun denizens depend their lives on the sun, Siralos banished the devil for his questioning. His actions of banishing Ivlis from his realm appears to be why Ivlis dwells in a revengeful life.



  • The Sun's Curse - Siralos is a protagonist in The Sun's Curse. The Sun's Curse details the creation of the Land of Sun, as well as the creation of his two children, Igls Unth and Ivlis.




Ivlis is the Devil to Siralos' world, as well as his son. For his doubting of Siralos' actions, Ivlis' wings were torn off and he was banished from The Land of Sun, forced to reside in the Flame Underworld . Siralos thinks of Ivlis as an insignificant being, easily discarding him when "[Siralos] no longer [needed] him." Along with his banishment, this can be considered the reason why Ivlis invaded the Gray World, in order to accumulate power and wreak revenge against Siralos.

However, in the Attack! Devilish comics, Siralos implies that Ivlis' doubt is not the real reason why he was banished.

Although their relationship is rather negative, Ivlis and Siralos share many traits, such as pride and the ability to create light weaponry.

Igls Unth

Igls is Siralos's Head Angel, as well as his daughter. She was created and raised by him alongside Ivlis. She harbors deep trust in Siralos, casting aside the doubts her brother Ivlis had for their creator. Siralos appears to favor Igls over Ivlis and is seen with her in several artworks.


Satanick and Siralos are friends with benefits; they are close and on friendly terms. Satanick once sent him a love letter, after which they went on a date together. [2] Siralos does also not mind doing things such as cosplaying for Satanick and listening to his romantic feelings towards Ivlis.


  • Siralos is "Solaris" backwards which means "pertaining to the sun" in Latin.
  • He can summon Light Projectiles, as shown in The Sun's Curse.
  • He received a love letter from Satanick once; they went on a date after that. [2]
  • Declared as a "Male, male, male" by Deep Sea Prisoner. [2]
  • His height was stated on Twitter by Deep-Sea Prisoner. [3]
  • He is nice to his fellow gods. [4]
  • As shown in the Truth mini-comic, Siralos apparently has the ability to mess with/alter Ivlis' soul (Siralos questioned if he should on Satanick's behalf and alter Ivlis' mind, when Satanick came to Siralos to confess his feelings for Ivlis.). 



  • "How disappointing that you would say such a thing to me, Ivlis. I suppose I shouldn't have created you after all." (To Ivlis in The Sun's Curse[5]
  • "I no longer need you. Fall deep into the darkness, and burn in disgraceful hellfire." (To Ivlis in The Sun's Curse) [5]


  • Deep-Sea Prisoner has allowed for birthdays and heights that were posted on Ci-en to be shared on the Wiki.


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