Character Information
Japanese Name シローヌ
Romaji Name Shirōnu
Character Code 0071
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Dog
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World

Chlomaki's Familiars

Occupation Chlomaki's Famliar
Personal Status

Silone (シローヌ) is one of the characters that has yet to appear in any series. She is a dog and Chlomaki's familiar.


Silone has white short hair that reaches to her shoulders in the front, with bangs going to both sides of her head. She does also have two white dog ears at the top of her head, whose ends turn brown. Her eyes are black and there are brown oval-shaped eyebrows ( or eye-spots ) above her eyes . It can be seen a white dog tail from behind her skirt, and paw-like brown hands shown instead of the gloves all of Chlomaki's familiars wear.

Like all of Chlomaki's familiars, her shirt is black with a turtle neck and yellow lining around the top, with eight, yellow buttons on the front, two yellow striped lines either side of the buttons. The cuffs of her sleeves are a dark gray with yellow buttons. Her shoulders are decorated with gold epaulettes. Her skirt is also black with gray slits. A white chain can be seen hanging from the left side of her skirt.

Silone also wears dark gray tights and long black boots with white laces.


Silone was described as a "Goddamned dog".[1]


Not much is known about her.



  • Obsolete Dream - (in animal form) makes a cameo appearance in the cover of Chapter 3.



Chlomaki is Silone's master.


Lobco is one of Silone's fellow familiars to Chlomaki.


Shizk is one of Silone's fellow familiars to Chlomaki.

Fungas Crocodile

Fungas is one of Silone's fellow familiars to Chlomaki.


Mikazki is one of Silone's fellow familiars to Chlomaki.


  • "Silone" means "White Presence."


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