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I'm sorry... for causing you so much trouble. I'm very happy you put an end to it.

–Shinya Kurai, Mogeko Castle

Shinya Kurai


Character Information
Japanese Name 倉井 シンヤ
Romaji Name Kurai Shinya
Character Code 0159
Location Human World
Status Deceased
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 171cm (≈5'7")
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Yonaka Kurai (Sister)

Shinya Kurai (倉井 シンヤ) is Yonaka Kurai's elder brother and, arguably the final antagonist of Mogeko Castle. He is what awaits Yonaka should she make it back to her home.


Shinya has short, black hair with an ahoge (cowlick), fair skin, and gray eyes. He wears a gakuran (Japanese high school boys' uniform), which consists of a black coat with mandarin collar, five golden/yellow buttons, black trousers, and black dress shoes. When he's in his murderous state, he has bright red eyes with black pupils.


When the player first meets him in Yonaka's flashback, Shinya seems to be the type that spaces out. He loves Yonaka, but when she meets him right after escaping from Mogeko Castle, he wants to kill her, causing her to run away and end up back where she had just fled from. It appears that this bloodthristy personality is not who he truly is; during Mogeko Castle's happy ending, he returns to his old self after Yonaka stabs him, just before he dies. 


Shinya left his family for a certain period of time for some unknown reason. He seems to have left around when Yonaka was in junior high and must have been gone for a few years since Yonaka was already a second-year high school (11th grade/year) student by the time he came back. Whatever caused him to snap and kill his and Yonaka's parents while she was away is currently unknown.



  • Mogeko Castle - One of the main antagonists. It was revealed that he has this role after Yonaka escaped Mogeko Castle.


Mogeko Castle Cast

Yonaka Kurai

Yonaka is Shinya's sister. In the end, it is revealed that he wants to kill Yonaka, but also loves her almost as much as she loves him.


  • The kanji "kurai" means "Community Warehouse" or "Town Cellar," while Shinya means "deep night" (a term for the hours between 12am-2am).
  • "Kurai" is a homophone for "dark." In the Japanese "surname-first" style of reading names, his name would read "a dark, deep night."
  • Both him and his sister have names that make a wordplay on "night."


  • "....................Hahaha." (Bonus Room)
  • "....................That's good to hear." (Right before being stabbed by Yonaka Kurai)


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In-game photos

Mogeko Castle (Original)

Mogeko Castle (Remake)




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