Seaside Dispatches 1
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Japanese Title 砂濱通信 第一號
Romaji Title Sunahama tsūshin dai ichigō
Media Information
Type of Media Manga
Series Seaside Dispatches
Release Date March, 2017
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Seaside Dispatches 1, also known as "Telecommunications Beach", is a very short manga published by Deep-Sea Prisoner on the 15th of March, 2017. The manga is 32 pages long and is pay-to-read. A physical copy in Japanese can be purchased on Alice Books. A digital Japanese version as well as a digital English version are available on the Japanese DLsite.


Taking place after the ATTACK! Devil-ish Style Mini-Comics, Seaside Dispatches 1 goes into detail about the relationship between Satanick and Ivlis, and hints at the birth of Licorice.


The description as listed on the website: A comic featuring somewhat unwholesome content. Though it is not a major part of the story, this work contains depictions of violence, so please view it at your own discretion.

Contains 32 pages + a single page bonus comic.

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  • Reficul and Sin also make an appearance in the manga, with slight cameos of their son Mors and Reficul's assistant, Lzet.


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