The Sea Kingdom (海帝国, Kai Teikoku) is the main setting of the game Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. It is currently ruled by Uomihime.


The Sea King, ruler of the Sea Kingdom, fell into a deep slumber. Prior to his slumbering, he trusted the throne of the kingdom to his eldest daughter Uomihime. Jealous that her father chose her elder sister, Mikotsuhime, the Sea King's younger daughter, waged war against her sister. She created her own faction, called the Sea of Death, in an attempt to seize the throne by force. Many years went by as the Sea Kingdom fought the Sea of Death, until one of the Sea Kingdom's denizens, Meikai, sacrificed his life to seal away the kingdom's enemies. As well as sealing away the kingdom's enemies, Meikai's sacrifice formed the Cast Pearl, a pearl located above the Sea King castle, which is responsible for the protection of the Sea Kingdom.



Sea Kingdom Gate

The Sea Kingdom Gate is the entrance to the Sea Kingdom. It is guarded by two crabs.

Deepsea Town (Umizoko)

The Deepsea Town is the hometown of Irena, Tarako, Aom, and Wadanohara.

Coral Sea

The Coral Sea is a neighbourhood, and where the home of Cherryblod and Doloz is located. The Coral Path is a part of the Coral Sea.

Sea of Stars

The Sea of Stars is a place in the kingdom where stars fall.

Sea God Castle

The Sea God Castle is the home of Uomihime, and likely her father before her.

Old Sea

The Old Sea is behind Sea God Castle. It's off-limits to citizens and is secretly where the gate to the Sea of Death is. It's also the location of one of the six Barrier Stones that Wadanohara and her familiars mend.





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