This isn't fun! I'll kill you!

–Scor, Poison Bugs




Character Information
Japanese Name スコル
Romaji Name Sukoru
Character Code 0059
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Scorpion
Gender Male
Height 175cm (≈5'9")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Personal Status

Scor (スコル) is one of the major characters in Poison Bugs. He is friendly with Tsumuri and is Mitsuki's boyfriend.


Scor has a constant scowl on his face, making him look fatigued and grumpy. He has raceless skin, black eyes, and unkempt hair which he keeps in a short ponytail with a purple band. He wears a black shirt with a white scorpion print on it, black finger-less gloves, gray pants with two black chains and a stitch going around one of the legs, and a pair of sneakers. He has six "scorpion legs" protruding from his sides, and a long scorpion tail, the scorpion tail colour going from purple at the base to black at the tip. In his character portrait he can be seen wearing a leather choker, which he sometimes switches out for choker that looks similar to a spiked dog collar.


Scor is generally moody and gets angry easily. He hates pain and unpleasant things; despite his hatred of pain and unpleasant things, he's too scared to say no to his girlfriend Mitsuki, never refusing to eat her food, even though it's completely toxic and inedible. He also curses often, and smokes.


Not much is known about Scor's past.




Poison Bugs Cast


Mitsuki is Scor's girlfriend.


Tsumuri often seems to be Scor's bully.


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Poison Bugs

Official artwork



  • His name is derived from "Scorpion". Referring to his species.




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