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That... I can't keep lying to myself anymore... "My magnificence" is at his limit...




Character Information
Japanese Name サタニック
Romaji Name Satanikku
Character Code 0055
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Devil
Gender Male
Height 190cm (≈6'2") [1]
Professional Status
Occupation Ruler of the Pitch Black World
Personal Status
Relatives Fumus (Brother)
Lil (Wife)
Glasses (Son)
Licorice (Son)
Crea Flankenstein (Adoptive Daughter)
Meikai (Creation)
Aounabara (Creation)
Artamos (Creation)
Kigisu (Creation)

Satanick (サタニック) is a character from the same world that Obsolete Dream takes place in. He is the devil of the Pitch Black World, which is the manga's setting. Satanick is the Devil counterpart to the God of his world, Fumus, who is also his brother.


Satanick has a peculiar design with some noticeable features. He has raceless white skin, his eyes are as purple as the phlox flower, and pale purple horns whose prongs curl at the tips (the texture to them seems reminiscent to old tree bark.)

He sports a charming, sable color-schemed ensemble which consists of a black double-breasted dress suit that has been featured with black or red buttons with matching just as black dress pants. He wears a white dress shirt under his jacket while sporting a crimson, Victorian-styled bow tie along with it. His cape is black, as well, with its interior red, wing-like appendages jutting at the top ends. He also wears white gloves and black oxfords with red soles.

In his character art, his attire takes on a more military theme. His dress jacket is layered with a beige coat with a darker shade of brown on the cuffs. His pants are a tad baggier with two white buttons each at the cuffs with brown combat boots on his feet. His cape takes on a similar shape as his other outfit, only with a hue closer to bronze with red spikes and diamonds decorating it. It also looks like he has arm-like shadow accessories at his sides.


Satanick is a rather complex character, having tendencies to be very eccentric and kind while also displaying tendencies to be sadomasochistic around certain individuals. He will sometimes speak in vulgar terms, which is especially expressed in the bullying that Reficul and him torment Ivlis with. He has his fair share of pushiness and pompousness, but he has also shown signs of a cheery, childish side of himself, being carefree, and thinking highly of himself - referring to himself as "magnificent." His interests are noticeably perverted in nature, Satanick being seen with various explicit objects and using sexual innuendos often in his dialogue. He may also have knowledge regarding medieval history and lore judging by his preferences, upon surveillance of his usage of the Pear of Anguish in the now-deleted MEMOs.  

Satanick's emotions vary from that of flamboyancy to ones of deep sorrow. It appears that due to past traumas, Satanick drifts between happiness and depression; it can be seen in his character chart that his emotions are all varied on the high spectrum. It has also been stated that when Satanick goes out with a man that he really does love, he will end up getting "kinda messed up in the head." [2] This could imply that he falls in love and reacts very emotionally when he becomes obsessed or heartbroken over a lover; this could imply some context to his complex relationship that he has developed with Ivlis.

When asked if Satanick would ever be happy, Deep-Sea Prisoner responded with, "I don't know." [3]


Deep-Sea Prisoner has stated that he was once "a person of great influence." In the past, he was defeated by Gokuen, as he thought he could easily take him on. Due to traumatic events in his past - one notable loss being someone he deeply cared for - Satanick has "old wounds that haven't been healed."

In Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea -Reboot-, Satanick was shown to have created various lifeforms to make his kingdom more lively. He is shown creating three divine beasts (Aounabara, Artamos, and Kigisu) to rule over the created Blue Sea, Totsusa Kingdom, and another still-unnamed kingdom.





Obsolete Dream Cast


Lil is Satanick's Wife. They seem to be on good terms, Lil being willing to come home to "cheer up" Satanick. She appears to be fine with her husband's promiscuous activities.


Glasses is Satanick's son. Although Glasses doesn't like him very much and despises him, Satanick often tries to gain his attention, by for example teasing him. Glasses does not respond well to this, as his trademark line is, "Go fucking die, dad."


Fumus is the God of Satanick's world and his older brother. He's one of the few things Fumus is attached to.

Their relationship is quite complicated; Deep-Sea Prisoner herself has said that it's "not bad" [4], but this was seemingly an ironic statement. After all, Fumus has been shown to enjoy both physically and emotionally torturing his brother. An example of this was when Fumus destroyed the world that Victor Flankenstein had previously lived in, devastating Satanick. Fumus has also been shown to have potentially sexually assaulted Satanick due to certain mini-comics, most notably the comic titled The Cause Behind His Distorted Heart. As the name of the comic states, Fumus seems to be a prominent cause behind Satanick's distorted views.  

As of the 2017 10 21 update, Fumus is confirmed to hold extremely volatile feelings towards Satanick; the arrow representing his feelings injures Satanick's icon, which is shaking and crying in fear.

At the same time, they were seen interacting in a mini-comic seemingly fine. This seems to indicate that their relationship has many ups and downs. Fumus is said to care for Satanick, but in "a very bad way." [3]

The Gray Garden Cast


Reficul is Satanick's comrade and both torture Ivlis for fun. They seem to be on neutral terms whereas Satanick could be seen sometimes calling Reficul with her being unnerved or seemingly annoyed by his shenanigans.


Ivlis is considered to be one of Satanick's main targets; Ivlis' incidental first encounter with the other devil led to his torture, and eventually, out of terror, he started sleeping with Satanick in hopes that it will stop. [5]​ As of late, Satanick has begun to develop genuine feelings for Ivlis, but more often than not, goes into denial – as having such thoughts is considered a dagger to his "magnificence." After much contemplation - to the point of becoming physically ill - Satanick confesses that he loves Ivlis, much to Ivlis' confusion. Ivlis internally questions this, stating that he has "never been loved." However, despite his doubts and lingering past, Satanick's supercomputer reveals in the Truth comics that, bit by bit, his heart is changing since he encountered Satanick. 

Satanick still pursues Ivlis with his advances (e.g. sneaking into Ivlis' room and declaring his wish to "make love with [Ivlis]" and be "brutally affectionate"). Deep-Sea Prisoner has stated that Ivlis cannot bring himself to hit Satanick, for he is fearful of both his romantic and sexual advances. However, it can be seen in various comics after the events of Distorted Love, that their relationship is slowly improving, as stated by Licorice in Like Mother, Like Son. 

When asked on a live stream if Satanick would ever apologize to Ivlis, DSP speculated that perhaps he would one day do a genuine apology. However, if he deeply apologized, and Ivlis refused to accept this, Satanick would probably become mentally ill. Ivlis may have complicated feelings regarding him, but at some point, he might accept Satanick's apology. DSP has stated, "In this world, there are a lot of relationships in which two people can be together even if they don't always completely forgive each other." [2]


They are seen interacting after events of The Gray Garden, although Kcalb tends to avoid him at all cost; the rare times they interact, Kcalb is often mute and barely responsive during their interactions but can turn to violence if Satanick provokes him. Satanick enjoys teasing Kcalb about his relationship with Etihw by making constant sexual jokes; on several occasions, Kcalb has beaten Satanick up for his comments regarding Etihw.


They met each other after the events of The Gray Garden through Kcalb. They are on good terms, Satanick finding Etihw cute. Etihw is one of the ways Satanick uses to provoke Kcalb, usually by speaking about Etihw in a lewd manner. Although Satanick finds Etihw to be cute, he has said he wouldn't "NTR" (short for the Japanese word Netorare, which means to "steal one's loved one") Etihw away from Kcalb.

Satanick's Subordinates

The order of this list is based on their subordinate number.
It should also be noted that all of the subordinates were created by Satanick. [3]

1. Envi
Envi is Satanick's first subordinate and acts as a personal secretary for him. It's also been said that Envi is good with children, unless they're Satanick's children. As of the 2017/10/21 update, Envi is shown to have romantic feelings for him. It has been shown that Satanick does not reciprocate these feelings. He is, however, aware of them, and thinks of it as, "Ahh, what will I do about this...I'm at a loss." [2]

2. Yagi
Yagi is Satanick's second subordinate.

3. Lec Hijoushiki
Lec is Satanick's third subordinate.

4. Roc Hijoushiki
Roc is Satanick's fourth subordinate.

5. Benihotaru
Benihotaru is Satanick's fifth subordinate.

6. Edabane
Edabane is Satanick's sixth subordinate.

7. Hidou
Hidou is Satanick's seventh subordinate.

8. Kyou
Kyou is Satanick's eighth subordinate.

9. Hitoki
Hitoki is Satanick's ninth subordinate.

10. Dokugai
Dokugai is Satanick's tenth subordinate.

Furthermore, the following is a list of the subordinates sorted by order of appearance in the Sunahama log:
  1. Yagi
  2. Lec Hijoushiki
  3. Hitoki
  4. Hidou
  5. Benihotaru
  6. Edabane
  7. Roc Hijoushiki
  8. Envi
  9. Kyou
  10. Dokugai

Other Characters

Victor Flankenstein

When alive, Victor was Satanick's close friend. Satanick had taken an interest in him and thus visited him on a regular basis. Victor was skeptical of the Devil at first, but they eventually grew close to the point where Satanick started to harbor deep romantic feelings for him. These feelings, however, stayed unrequited.

When Victor fell ill, Satanick proposed to him and tried to convince him to come to the Pitch Black World. He told Victor that he could grant him immortality so that they could be together forever. Victor refused, saying he could not imagine a life that would never end. This led Satanick into deep despair. He secretly tried to grant immortality to Victor anyway, but was caught trying to do so.

Satanick stayed by Victor's side, watching him wither away until his avoidable death. Right before his passing, Victor made Satanick promise to take Crea Flankenstein to his world, which Satanick did.

The death of Victor left a permanent scar on Satanick. In Distorted Love 2, for example, Satanick is seen reminiscing about him. It would thus not be a stretch to state that the reasons for his behavior towards Ivlis in the Distorted Love comics are rooted in his trauma about the loss of Victor.


Gokuen shared an affinity with Satanick. [4] Satanick once tried to pick a fight with him, thinking it would be as easy as cake, but Gokuen viciously defeated him. [6]


Medouco is Satanick's possible housemaid.

Crea Flankenstein

Crea is Satanick's adoptive daughter. She was originally created by Victor Flankenstein, but before he passed away, he made Satanick promise to take care of her. The two are on good terms. When Satanick is feeling depressed about the passing of Victor, Crea is usually there to comfort him. For example, in one drawing she offered him candy in an attempt to cheer him up.


They possibly have a one-sided rivalry.


They get along rather fine; both share similar natures as well as a disposition for violent and sexual hobbies, and they are seen drinking and eating out together on several occasions. Hence, Idate can be considered one of Satanick's few friends.


Siralos and Satanick are friends with benefits. Deep-Sea Prisoner said in a Q&A that Satanick found Siralos cute and after sending a love letter to him, they tried dating for a while. They seem close enough that Siralos does not mind cosplaying a high school girl to fulfill Satanick's fetishes. Satanick also is romantically interested in Siralos' "disgraced creation," Ivlis.


Licorice is the son of Satanick and Ivlis. Licorice strongly dislikes Satanick and often resorts to violence when dealing with him. He openly displays a preference for his "mother," Ivlis, whom he protects from Satanick's shenanigans.


4545 is the supercomputer that Satanick created to analyze Ivlis' sexual orientation.


As of the 2017 10 21 update, Heller is shown to have feelings towards Satanick, but these feelings are not reciprocated, as Satanick is shown to be uncomfortable and even turning to look away from Heller. This could likely be because of his bad relations with her father, Gokuen.


Meikai is Satanick's creation, as shown in the Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea -Reboot-. Satanick created him to keep Aounabara company.


One of the three divine beasts that Satanick created to rule over the land. In various art works and mini-comics, it has been shown that they have a fairly decent relationship. Satanick often likes to visit Artamos, who finds this annoying but seems to tolerate him either way. [7] They also interact together in the [[1]], where Envi can be seen pushing a somewhat annoyed Artamos to attempt to console a heartbroken Satanick. Satanick is said to visit Artamos's world often, and Artamos finds Satanick annyoing. [8]


One of the three divine beasts that Satanick created to rule over the sea. Satanick also created Meikai for Aounabara to keep him company so as to not feel lonely.


One of the three divine beasts that Satanick created to rule over the sky.


The two can be seen in a mini-comic. Not much is known about their relationship.



  • Satanick's name is derived from Satan, a common name for The Devil in the Bible.
  • Satanick likes playing with Medouco's snakes.
  • His blood was originally red, but it became purple at one point for reasons that have yet to be revealed.
  • He finds Etihw cute but won't "NTR" (a Japanese word, which means to "steal one's lover away;" cuckoldry) them from Kcalb for the sake of his morals. However, he also said wouldn't mind having a threesome with Kcalb and Etihw.
  • He likes rabbits, especially Artamos, who is his favorite. Every time a rabbit that Satanick keeps dies, he makes it rain heavily.
    • It's been said that he loves them because he thinks that they are cute, but also because "he likes how they have a really powerful drive for... life." [6]
  • His emotions change the weather; it rains when he is depressed.
  • In a comic with Ivlis, Satanick vomits blood that comes out red initially, but then it turns into purple. This is noted as strange by Ivlis, but the purple made Satanick realize his feelings for Ivlis; this is also the reason of why he was upset in the comics, rather than the blood itself.
  • His sons hate him, to the extent of violence.
  • He was said to be good at writing novels of erotic, torture, and “evil eye” genres.
  • Satanick is apparently also a good singer. [3]
  • He likes to make strange devices, such as a robot that can tell someone's sexual orientation and desires, and a device that can predict an object's potential future.
  • He has old wounds that haven't healed.
  • There was a time when he used to be a person of great influence.
  • Two illustrations from the 09-03-2016 and 09-04-2016 logs in the Sunahama page feature Satanick dressed up as Hatsune Miku, a popular VOCALOID character.
  • He doesn't need his heart to live, which can be seen in a comic where he rips out his heart and forces Ivlis to eat it.
  • From June 28 to August 3, 2017, Deep-Sea Prisoner hosted a character popularity poll that let each person vote three of their favorite characters. When the results came out on September 7, 2017, Satanick was ranked 3rd. [9]
  • Satanick's genderbent form (Satanica) is apparently friends with Ivlin (Ivlis' genderbent form). [6]
  • Satanick also has another male lover; this character is not a human, though. The lover became frustrated and apparently left Satanick. Not much is know about this character, but he is stated to have been a mentally strong person when compared to Ivlis. Deep-Sea Prisoner has speculated on publicly releasing this character. [2]
  • When asked what Ivlis', Satanick's, and Licorice's favorite foods were, DSP responded that they all have a sweet tooth. [3]
  • Despite both of his sons disliking him, Satanick is still stated to be a good father. [3]
  • When asked who would suit Satanick's voice - Daisuko Ono or Mamoru Miyano - Deep-Sea Prisoner responded with Daisuke Ono; however, she pictures Satanick with an even lower voice. [3]
  • Since Satanick has created other worlds (as shown in the Wadanohara Reboot), it was asked if he ever travels to any of them. Deep-Sea Prsioner stated that it depends on the location; some places he does not go to at all, partcularly the ocean. However, he visits Artamos's world often. [8]
  • In the regular timeline, Satanick has never met Adauchi. However, in the school AU (Funamusea's Private Deep Sea Academy), Satanick has commented to him, "Hehe, you can call me papaaa." [10] This is most likely due to the relationship that Ivlis and him have in the school AU.
    • When Ivlis is being harassed by Satanick, Adauchi will be comment, "Hey, cut it out... Dad's not okay with that...," and Satanick will respond with, "You could call me dad too~." Adauchi will snap at this. [10]
    • Satanick told Poemi to call him papa, too, but she refused. [10]


  • "…Ivlis. I love you." (To Ivlis, while he is confessing his feelings to him - 9-10 Distorted Love)
  • "Where do you think you're going? Don't you know my persistence will chase you to the ends of this world? Do you need a collar or something? Huh? Is that it? Ahh, or we could go to a place where I could tame you, and I'd just be the two of us? If you were there, you couldn't escape and nobody could interfere… HAHAHAHAHA wouldn't that be nice? KUKUKUKUAHAHAH! Right? Don't you want to play a nice game of tag like that? You'd have to escape on foot since you don't have wings, but…" (To Ivlis - 9-9 Distorted Love)
  • "That’s good enough. I’ll allow you to give up of your own will. …Even Licorice couldn’t get into this place I’ve brought you to. Soon, I’ll be the only thing you can recognize. ONLY ME… Now, we’ll be able to… Spend so much time together…FOREVER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…!!" (To Ivlis - Everlasting Love)
  • "Hey, Ivlis, you weren’t saying much before, but now you’re even more quiet. It’s like I’m talking to a doll or something like that, huh? It doesn’t matter what, just say something to me. Hey…" (To Ivlis - Bad Ending.)
  • "Found you, roachy-poo. You’re in there, right? Look, just open the door, I won’t do anything. I’m serious. I won’t do anything if you open it right now. Nothing will happen, see, if you open the door. Hey, are you listening to my glorious voice? You’re listening, right? I’ve decided that you’re listening. Just open it because nothing’ll happen. Absolutely nothing will happen, you see." (To Ivlis - BREAK.)
  • "WHAT?! HOW COULD THIS BE?! THIS IS SO WEIRD??? AM I IN A SHOUJO MANGA?!" (To Ivlis, when seeing him in his pajamas)


  • Deep-Sea Prisoner has allowed for birthdays and heights that were posted on Ci-en to be shared on the Wiki.


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