If that makes him cry, then screw 'im.

–Rock, Ice Watching: Round 2



Rock human


Character Information
Japanese Name ロック
Romaji Name Rokku
Character Code 0203
Location Iceberg Isle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Rockhopper Penguin
Gender Male
Height 70cm (≈2'4")
183cm (≈6'0")
Professional Status
Affiliation Iceberg Isle
Occupation Fisherman
Personal Status

Rock (ロック) is a rockhopper penguin living on Iceberg Isle. He is a supporting character in Ice Scream.


Rock is a rockhopper penguin who sports a red neckerchief, and is often seen carrying a gun or a fishing pole, as well as a cigarette.

In his humanoid form, he wears a black bust jacket over a grey shirt; a pair of black gloves; grey pants held by a black belt; black shoes; and a dog tag. He is often seen with a cigarette in his human form as well.


Rock has a foul mouth and an even fouler disposition. He is hot-tempered and is prone to snapping at any who invoke his wrath. Straightforward and filled with candid responses, Rock says things as they are, and is not afraid of coming off as rude or impolite.


Rock is a resident of Iceberg Isle, and a fisher.





Ice Scream Cast


Shirogane is Rock’s neighbor. He is generally irked by Shirogane's overall personality, and does not seem to spare him much of a glance. Rock thinks of him as "gross" for crying from an orca punch, and sees him as "lower than a seal".


Yukisada is Rock's neighbor. Yukisada expresses disapproval of Rock's attitude toward Shirogane, even approaching the penguin himself, but Rock simply dismisses him.


Peraco is Rock's friend and neighbor. He seems annoyed by her antics, but generally are not on bad terms.


Idate is Rock's neighbor and smoking buddy. They share a mutual animosity, have both maltreated the other, and ofttimes at each other's throats. He is one of the handful of individuals strong enough to keep Idate in check on Iceberg Isle.


Rock is considered to be Squid's savior. After the events of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Squid fled and is washed ashore on Iceberg Isle, where Rock then took him in and tended to his wounds. Squid now lives close to Rock's house.

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  • He is simply referred to as "Penguin" in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.
  • Rock is a heavy smoker, as well as an alcoholic. There are often cigarette butts and a bottle of beer on his coffee table.
  • Rock is very fond of his "decorative feathers", and will get angry should they be identified as eyebrows.
  • There are katanas and fishing equipment in his home that are used for battle.
  • Rock allegedly knows how to lynch an orca, as several bun buns have approached him with the intention of knowing the best way to do so (Ice Watching: Round 3).
  • Rock prefers to sleep on his sofa, and rarely ever uses his futon.
  • As stated in Ice Watching: Round 3, Rock seems to like aurochses, and has a poster of one hanging in his house.
  • Rock has a mysterious flower in his house that ostensibly has never bloomed before.
  • There is an underground cellar in his house, which is rumored to be a secret passage.


  • "Eh? You wanna know the best way to lynch an orca?" (To several bun buns Ice Watching: Round 3)
  • "Fucking baldy." (To Idate Mini-Comics)
  • "Fucking orca." (To Idate Mini-Comics)


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