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Roc Hijoushiki


Character Information
Japanese Name 非情式 ロク
Romaji Name Hijōshiki Roku
Character Code 0066
Location Pitch Black World
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Height 186cm (≈6'1")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Satanick's subordinate
Personal Status
Relatives Lec Hijoushiki (Brother)

Roc Hijoushiki (非情式 ロク) is one of the characters that has yet to appear in any series. He is Lec's younger brother and Satanick's 4th subordinate.


Roc has short blue hair with a large ahoge, red eyes, pointed ears, and raceless white skin. He wears a dark blue police uniform with a black tie, black gloves, and black shoes. He has two demon tails.

Underneath his gloves, he has black nails and has a mouth on his right palm.

In some artworks, he has also been depicted wearing a red shirt and black tie underneath a long black trench coat, shying away from his usual police attire.


Out of all of Satanick's subordinates, Roc has displayed the most violent and rough temperament thus far. His hobby is lynching/assaulting angels, especially Taffy. He has also been stated to frequently go on mindless (and potentially murderous) rampages.

It is also possible that he is not very bright, as in one image he is depicted mistaking Lobco (who is a shrimp) for a crayfish, and later on when told by Lec that she is incredibly stressed (likely from repeated assault), Roc states that he doesn't understand what could be making her feel so stressed.


Not much is known about his past.


Roc has appeared in several of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations, primarily alongside Lobco or occasionally Anten.



Lec Hijoushiki

Lec is Roc's older brother. Their relationship is that of comrades in arms, as they like to kill angels together. [1] In the mini-comic where the two are depicted together, Roc refers to Lec as "anija" (兄者) which is a very polite/honorific word for older brother.

An older illustration also depicts Lec tasting an unconscious Roc's organs, while a later comic depicts Roc visiting him and asking him to examine Lobco, to which Lec cheerfully obliges. Lec is also stated in his subordinate profile to be the only one who is able to stop a rampaging Roc. [2]

Wadanohara Cast


In almost all of their shared illustrations, Roc has been depicted happily kidnapping, assaulting, or otherwise harassing Lobco, who clearly wants to and has tried to run away (but to no avail). It is heavily implied that Roc has sexually assaulted and/or raped Lobco on numerous occasions, as well as having drugged her in order to force her to lay eggs (which he later eats in front of her). Ironically, one particular illustration shows Roc expressing a desire for Lobco to bear his children, much to her abject horror.



Satanick is Roc's boss.


In Hidou's subordinate profile in Sunahama, it is stated that he has existing footage of Roc assaulting Taffy. Not much else is known about their relationship.


The context of their relationship is unclear, although Anten has been shown several times as trying to run away or hide from Roc, who wants to hunt him down and expresses sadistic amusement at Anten's peril. In one illustration Anten is hiding behind a bush from Roc, who calls him a monkey and gleefully threatens him with a large bomb.


  • His name means Cruel Method / Ruthless Style.
  • His name is a pun on the word 非常識 (also "hijoushiki") which means "without/lacking common sense." It is used to describe people who make wild statements or have outrageous behavior.
  • Roc and Lec have right and left motifs, respectively (Roc being right and Lec being left). In Japanese, a common method that is taught for learning right from left is that the kanji for both include a hand "holding" something. 右 Migi (Right) holds a mouth 口. 左 Hidari (left) holds a symbol that means craft or skill (工). With Roc, his right hand has a mouth on it as a play on words, whereas with Lec this may be referencing his talent as a doctor.
  • The symbol on Roc's police hat closely resembles the first kanji (非) of his surname Hijoushiki (非情式). This same symbol is also shown on Lec's headband, indicating that this may be their family's crest.
  • He is stated to be the president (and only member) of the "shrimp fan club". [3]
  • He likes lynching angels. In Japanese, the English word "lynch" refers to overall beatings and violence.
  • He has been shown wielding a variety of weapons, such as large blades, tridents, knives, and explosives.
  • In her first live stream, DSP commented that it is very easy for her to draw both Roc's and Lobco's designs. [4]
  • When asked if Roc and Lobco would ever get married, DSP responded that she thinks they will sooner or later. [5]
  • DSP has stated that part of Roc's character is that he also rides motorcycles. [6] Shortly after, she also specified that this is purely a hobby of his, as he has the ability to fly.




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