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Roc Hijohshiki

Character Information
Japanese Name 非情式 ロク
Romaji Name Hijō-shiki roku
Character Code 0066
Location Pitch Black World
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Height 186cm (≈6'1")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Satanick's subordinate
Personal Status
Relatives Lec Hijohshiki(Brother)

Roc Hijohshiki (非情式 ロク) is one of the characters that has yet to appear in any series. He is Lec's brother and Satanick's subordinate.


Roc has short light blue hair parted to the right, red eyes, and raceless skin. He wears a blue police uniform over a white shirt, a black tie, black gloves and black shoes. He has two demon tails.

Without his gloves, it appears that he has black nails and that each of his palms has a mouth.

In some artworks, he sometimes wears a red shirt with a black tie underneath a black trench coat with buttons, black pants and shoes.


Among all of Satanick's subordinates, Roc has the most violent and rough temperament. He likes to lynch angels, especially towards Taffy.


Not much is known about his past.


Up to this day, Roc has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations.



Lec Hijohshiki

Lec is Roc's older brother. It's slightly implied that the two have a rocky relationship since Lec was once depicted eating Roc, but at the same time, Roc once went to him to examine Lobco who turns out to be stressed. Lec is the only one who is able to stop a rampaging Roc.

Wadanohara Cast


Their relationship is somewhat of a mystery, though in every artwork that the two have been featured in so far depicted Lobco being tortured and showed evident fear towards him. He finds her cute but at the same time, he wants to ravish her and not let her get away. He thinks about having a kid with her in the future and wanted a pair, much to Lobco's dismay.



Satanick is Roc's boss.


Roc has been assaulted by Taffy and it has been stated that he wants to lynch him. Not much else is known about their relationship. Hidou has good quality footage of this assault.


He runs away from Roc, although in some illustration, Roc was shown smiling at Anten and in a latest illustration about them, Roc was trying to kill Anten who was hiding in the woods.


  • His name means Cruel Method / Ruthless Style (Kuro (black) backwards).[1] This may refer to his cruel behavior towards Lobco.
  • He is stated to be the president of a "shrimp fan club", possibly towards Lobco.
  • He likes lynching angels.[2]
  • It is shown in a picture that he also wields a black pointy trident(?) with two roses symbols on it.
  • Roc and Lec have right and left motifs, respectively (Roc being right and Lec being Left. In Japanese, a common method that is taught for learning right from left is that the kanji for both include a hand "holding" something. 右 Migi (Right) holds a mouth 口. 左 Hidari (left) holds a symbol that means craft 工. With Roc his hand has a mouth on it due to the play on words, whereas Lec means that he is crafty.


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