What can you expect? Bis is just too stupid.

–Reina, Obsolete Dream (CHAPTER 1)



Character Information
Japanese Name 伶奈
Romaji Name Reina
Character Code 0007
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Fox Yōkai
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status

Reina (伶奈) is one of the supporting characters in Obsolete Dream. She is a fox Yōkai who often plays games such as othello with Bis.


Reina has peachy skin, a mask covering her face which is reminiscent of a fox's face, long white hair tied into a high ponytail, long red nails, and a long white tail. She wears traditional Japanese clothing, which consists of a dark pink kimono with the end of the sleeves having cherry blossoms and petals, a light pink nagajuban (kimono undergarment), a darker hakama with the left side having a plum branch with blossoms and pink clouds, white tabi (socks), and brown geta (footwear). She also carries a black folding fan.


Reina has a somewhat cynical personality. She is also always calm and collected. She is often seen teasing Bis about being bad in playing Othello, but she also cares about the welfare of others. 


Not much is known about her past.




Obsolete Dream Cast


Kurotsuno is a friend and housemate of Reina. In contrast to her other housemates, Kurotsuno seems the least annoyed with her. They once briefly talked about dealing with negative memories, something which Kurotsuno did not run away from; this was notable because the latter usually avoids talking about such topics with others.


Bis is one of Reina's friends and housemates. They play othello together, even though Bis always loses. It seems Reina also likes to tease Bis sometimes, but they're on friendly terms nonetheless.


Met is one of Reina's friends and housemates.


They seemingly know each other.

Other Characters


It is unknown what relationship the two have; they were seen talking in a picture once.


  • Her name means "queen" in Spanish.
  • The face on Reina's mask changes expressions between comic panels when she's talking, as seen in the Obsolete Dream manga.


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Obsolete Dream

Official art


  • "What can you expect? Bis is just too stupid."



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