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..........You know. I love to bully airheads like you. Ohohohoh. ♪

–Passing Demon, The Gray Garden



Character Information
Japanese Name リフィカル
Romaji Name Rifikaru
Character Code 0109
Location Reficul's World
Elux's World (Previously)
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Devil
Seraph (Previously)
Gender Female
Height 165cm (≈ 5'5") [1]
Professional Status
Affiliation Elux's Underling (Previously)
Occupation Ruler of Her World
Personal Status
Relatives Sin (Wife)
Mors (Son)
Sol (Younger Sister)

Reficul (リフィカル) appears as the "passing demon" in The Gray Garden where she went to give Kcalb aid in exchange for his attendance to a Devil's Meeting. She is the Devil of Elux's world and the Queen of demons. [2]


Sprt Reficul.png

Reficul has long white wavy hair and messy bangs, red eyes, two gray curved horns with the right horn having two red piercings, a spade-pointed tail, and six black bat wings. She wears a black vest with four buttons, a red tie, a gray and light gray striped dress shirt, with white sleeve cuffs with four black buttons, a black pleated skirt, with a longer, cape skirt that has a red underside over the shorter skirt not covering the front, gray striped knee-high socks, and black boots with a small bat wing on each one.

In the past, back when she was a seraph and served under Elux, she had the same white messy hair but with an ahoge, eyes with red irises and blue pupils; she had a light yellow halo, and six feathered white angel wings. Her dress shirt was completely blue, she had a red tie similar to her current one, and a white blazer over her dress shirt and tie, the bottom of her design is currently unknown as it has not been shown.


Reficul has come across as docile; leniency, calmness, and apathy are shown in her overall behavior. She tends to procrastinate with her work and usually neglects it, for she doesn't find a purpose for worrying or stressing over it. She wishes to live a carefree life and forget all unpleasant things. However, that would be impossible due to her status as demon queen.

Reficul is also a very straightforward person, being blunt with her actions. However, she has shown sides of playfulness in her, whether it's teasing Ivlis or anything in between.

She is furthermore completely devoted to her wife, Sin, and loves her dearly.


In the past, Reficul was a seraph and served under Elux. What turned her into a devil is currently unknown, but it was mentioned that she "fell from grace".



  • The Gray Garden - Reficul appears as a major character, and is referred to as the "Passing Demon". Later, at the end, she is referred to by her true name, Reficul.


  • Seaside Dispatches 1 Reficul makes a brief appearance together with Sin near the end of the manga, as well as during the Bonus Comic that also features their son Mors.


The Gray Garden Cast


Kcalb is Reficul's devil acquaintance. Prior to their first meeting, Kcalb had no knowledge of her, yet she knew who Kcalb was.


Lowrie is an acquaintance of Reficul, who hails from her world. They appear to have been on familiar terms before, as Reficul was able to pierce through Lowrie's kind face and tell that he was faking his personality.


Ivlis is Reficul's torture target. After the events of The Gray Garden, she had taken him in with her as the family pet, also making him refer to her as "Queen-sama". She was later the one to introduce him to Satanick.


Whilst Reficul trying to punish Ivlis in The Gray Garden, Rieta attempted to intervene. Reficul proceeded to turn her into a lamp genie, casting her away to unknown whereabouts. 

Other Characters


Sin is Reficul's wife. It has shown that they both dearly love each other. She and Reficul had a child together named Mors.


Mors is Reficul and Sin's son. Though Reficul is his mother, Mors refers to her by "Maou-Sama"(魔王さま), or "Lord Devil", instead.


Lzet is Reficul's right-hand man. When she doesn't feel like doing her paperwork, she dumps it on his desk instead. He is also Reficul's other lover. [3]


Satanick is Reficul's acquaintance. They both torture Ivlis for fun and seem to be on neutral terms, though Reficul sometimes gets a bit annoyed by his shenanigans.


Elux is the God of Reficul's world. Prior to becoming a devil, Reficul served under them as a seraph. It has also been stated that Reficul and Elux are "enemies, obsessed with each other". [4]


Sol is Reficul's younger sister and their relationship is quite complicated. Prior to Reficul becoming a devil, the two both worked under Elux. They were very close and used to spend their nights together.

This completely changed when Reficul was cast out of heaven. It has been strongly implied that Sol dealt the finishing blow by piercing her through the chest with her golden sword. The two are now on bad terms, with Sol having romantic but violent one-sided feelings towards Reficul as confirmed in the 2017-10-21 Sunahama relationship charts update.


Prior to becoming a devil, Reficul was a comrade of Luna.


Prior to becoming a devil, Reficul was a comrade of Mars.


Prior to becoming a devil, Reficul was a comrade of Mercury.

Battle Statistics

Battle Statistics of Reficul in The Gray Garden
Basic Information
Sprt Reficul.png Name Species
Reficul Devil
Default weapon Signature skill
None None
All stats assume no weapon, shield, armor, helmet, or accessory equipped; or no usage of stat items to increase them.
Minimum stats at Level 50
HP MP Attack Defense Spirit Agility
972 833 203 218 471 424
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 1/1 (100%)



  • Reficul's name is Lucifer backwards, which is a name commonly attributed to the Devil.
    • Reficul was a seraph that turned into a devil, which parallels the story of Lucifer found in the Bible, where Lucifer was an archangel that turned into a devil.
  • Although she wears headphones in her original artwork, she does not in her Gray Garden sprites or in other artworks.
  • Her hobby is pet training. [5]
  • Her specialty weapon is a morning star. She can be seen wielding one in several artworks.
  • Back when Reficul was a seraph, she was the only one of Elux's currently known angels who did not have the same blue eye color as them. Instead, she had red eyes. This might have been possible foreshadowing for her fall from grace.
  • Her six wings can turn into hands/claws.
  • She is one of the exceptions to Ivlis' homosexuality.
  • From June 28 to August 3, 2017, Deep-Sea Prisoner hosted a character popularity poll that let each person vote three of their favorite characters. When the results came out on September 7, 2017, Reficul was ranked 9th. [6]


  • "Mm? My name? I don't believe that's pertinent..."
  • "Please, pay me no mind. I'm simply... a passing demon."'
  • "The Devil here must be quite an airhead. That much is clear." (About Ivlis)
  • "It's a regular menagerie of idiots."
  • "I love to bully airheads like you." (To Ivlis)
  • "Lying is the first step toward an early grave" (To Emalf)
  • "A bird you may be, but you're no birdbrain when it comes to feigning innocence." (To Lowrie)


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