They're a noisy bunch, aren't they? No decency, I say. That's why I hate them so. Why must we be on the same floor, I swear.

–Prosciutto Fairy, Mogeko Castle

Prosciutto Fairy

Moge ProsciuttoFairy

Character Information
Japanese Name 生ハムの妖精
Romaji Name namahamu no yousei
Location Mogeko Castle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Mogeko
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Castle
Occupation Second Floor Guardian
Personal Status
Relatives Mogeko (Brethren)

Prosciutto Fairy (生ハムの妖精) is one of the seven Special Mogekos in Mogeko Castle. They assist Yonaka Kurai in her quest to escape Mogeko Castle and return home to the Human World .


Prosciutto Fairy resembles a normal Mogeko: they have a cute cheery expression, pale yellow fur, a curly mouse tail, and furry cat ears. On the top of their head are fluffy spikes of fur. They have pronounced blush on their cheeks.

While still resembling a Mogeko, Prosciutto Fairy has a number of unique traits that offsets them from the typical Mogeko. On the top of their head are butterfly antenna that closely resemble their tail. They also have white butterfly wings on their back.


In comparison with other Mogekos, Prosciutto Fairy is noticeably effeminate. They lack the prominent lust for high school girls that other Mogekos possess. Stated in their bio, Prosciutto Fairy "has a lot of girl power."


Prosciutto Fairy is said to have been created by King Mogeko alongside the other six Special Mogekos, at the genesis of Mogeko Castle, to serve as the fourth floor of Mogeko Castle.



  • Mogeko Castle - Prosciutto Fairy appears as the guardian of the second floor. They assist Yonaka by giving her a key to a door.


King Mogeko

Prosciutto Fairy was created by King Mogeko when the King first created Mogeko Castle. Aside from their relationship as creator and creation, little is known about the two.

Yonaka Kurai

Unlike their brethren, Prosciutto Fairy decides to help Yonaka instead of assaulting her, giving Yonaka a key to help her get pass a locked door.


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In-game Photos

Mogeko Castle (Original)

Mogeko Castle (Remake)


  • Interestingly, while in the Japanese version of the game all of the other special Mogeko are given additional romaji names in the Bonus Room, Prosciutto Fairy is the only one DSP originally wrote in English.



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