Hmm... What's the difference between an orca and a forka and a storka...?

–Peraco, Ice Watching: Round 1



Character Information
Japanese Name ぺラコ
Romaji Name Peraco
Character Code 0108
Location Iceberg Isle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Emperor Penguin
Gender Female
Height 120cm (≈3'11")
Professional Status
Affiliation Iceberg Isle
Personal Status
Relatives Three Younger Siblings

Peraco (ぺラコ) is a humanoid emperor penguin. She is a good friend of Shirogane, and the older sister of three young penguins. She is a supporting character in Ice Scream.


Peraco has long, dark grey hair with yellow stripes on the inner parts, and golden eyes. She wears a penguin cap, what appears to be a black hoodie with a penguin-like tail or backside behind her, a white dress with yellow stripes, orange stockings, and black boots with yellow spots on the side. Her hands are instead flippers.


Peraco is a peculiar individual, often "thinking about worthless junk" ( as stated on Ice Watching: Round 1), and has several mysterious things within her home. In the remake of Watch 1, it states that thinking about pointless things brings Peraco joy. She is peppy and carefree, and even stated to be "very lucky." 

Peraco is not easily intimidated - bold enough to tell Idate that his fly is down, and hardly shows signs of fear when the orca attacks her and Shirogane, only presenting shock when Rocma is dragged underwater.


She is an emperor penguin living on Iceberg Isle with her three younger siblings. She is frequently seen tending to the young ones, such as her siblings and Mafuyu.





Ice Scream Cast


Shirogane is a friend of Peraco, and her neighbor. Though she is prone to berating him, she does worry about him and looks out for him just as well (e.g. demanding a "thank you" from Rocma, after Shirogane saved her from drowning). Shirogane has saved her from Idate once before, and has been seen taking walks with her.


Yukisada is Peraco's friend and neighbor.


Rocma is Peraco's friend and neighbor. Though Rocma continuously denies Peraco's invitations to playdates with Mafuyu and her siblings, they are on relatively friendly terms.


Mafuyu is Peraco's friend and neighbor. Peraco often cares for and plays with her alongside her siblings when Rocma is unavailable.


Rock is Peraco's friend and neighbor. While she tends to annoy him, they are not on bad terms. He is a friend of her father as well.


Idate is an enemy of Peraco. Idate has attempted to eat her when she was taking a shortcut with Shirogane, but does not seem to show much fear of him. Even as Idate was battling Rocma, Peraco blatantly gives her own comments during the fight. Peraco is one of the handful of people who is daring enough to make a mockery of Idate.


Sunosan is Peraco's neighbor.


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  • There is an underground cellar under Peraco's house, which is rumored to be a secret passage. It's implied it leads to the secret passage underneath Rock's house.
  • Torisan makes a minor cameo in the game as an exercise instructor on Peraco's television during Watch 1. 
  • There is a mysterious flower that is rumored to move during the night on the left side of Peraco's television set.
  • In Ice Watching: Round 2, she is said to love sledding, but loves skating the most.
  • Her name, "Peraco," is derived from "emperor penguin."
  • Her father is a friend of Rock's.
  • In the remake of Watch 1, Peraco now thinks about the differences between an orca, orchid, and orchard, concluding that it might be that they are all different colors which makes them different. 


  • "Um, Shirogane?! My siblings JUST built this! How dare you besiege it?! Get out of there!" (To Shirogane, who is inside her siblings' igloo Ice Watching: Round 3)
  • "By the way~ No one pointed it out to you, so I'll just mention it now. Your zipper's undone." (To Idate Mini-Comics)



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