Overall, featured articles are mainspace articles that have solid, true, and accurate content about the topic. This page contains the list of featured articles.

Featured articles are marked with a FeatureIcon in the upper-right hand corner of the article.

Criteria for Featuring

An article should...
  • in mainspace. Pages in other namespaces are not eligible for being featured.
  • well-written. This means that proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be observed and contain little to no errors.
  • ...have very accurate information and, as much as possible, references.
  • ...have contributions from at least six different contributors.
  • ...have at least 25 non-minor edits.
  • ...have good content in every section. This means that no section of the article has little to no content.
  • ...have well-presented images. The article must have a significant amount of images of good quality.
  • updated. Every section of the article must be updated when new content is available.

List of Featured Articles

There will be more articles that will be featured in the future. As of now, the following articles are featured:


You can suggest articles to be featured via the Suggestions board. Create a thread with the thread name "Feature the (Article Name) Page Suggestion" (Ex: "Feature the Kcalb Page Suggestion")


  • In your suggestion thread, it should contain the reason why you want the article to be featured.
  • Voting will last for three days upon thread creation. The thread must have at least 75% supporting votes on the deadline. Otherwise, the article may not be featured.
  • As much as possible, voters must have a reason why they oppose the suggestion.
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