It is a world where demons live.
Deep in a forest, where crows' caws echo, lies a large, antiquated mansion.
The demon girl Kurotsuno lives there, passing the time with her unusual friends.
Her favorite things are sweet pastries, chocolate, and...
the beautiful full moon in the night sky.

Obsolete Dream

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Japanese Title 廃れ夢
Romaji Title Sutare Yume
Media Information
Type of Media Manga
Series Obsolete Dream
Latest Update Chapter 8 (April 24, 2019)
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Pages of Official Translations
Chinese (simplified) senya
English Chapters 1-7:

Chapters 8-??
funamusea translations

Indonesian ShiyoNeko
Italian rupicola team
Portuguese Zero Corpse
Spanish Tsumin
Thai aurora yok
Vietnamese CunDohoi

※Note: As stated by vgperson, this manga contains lots of slapstick violence played for laughs.

Currently, Obsolete Dream only has eight chapters released, and it has been stated that each release will be irregular. Despite this, many of the pictures in the now deleted MEMO are related to Obsolete Dream.


This manga is set in the Pitch Black World. It explores the lives of Kurotsuno and her friends. As there are only a prologue and eight chapters out at the moment, not much has occurred. Though, there have been hints at a deeper, underlying story.

Obsolete Dream appears to be connected with Poison Bugs and The Gray Garden. It may also possibly be connected with Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, seeing as Chlomaki appears in both stories.




Obsolete Dream
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