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Nekoyama 1

Character Information
Japanese Name 猫山
Romaji Name Nekoyama
Location Blue Sea

Iceberg Isle

Status Active
Biological Information
Species Seagull
Gender Male
Height 50cm (≈1'8")
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue Sea
Occupation Deliveryman
Personal Status

Nekoyama (猫山) is a delivery bird and a minor character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is friendly with Wadanohara and her familiars.


Nekoyama's appearance is that of an ordinary seagull. He wears a green cap with a gold button on top of his head. He also carries a green satchel for to store his deliveries.


Nekoyama is a quirky seagull who loves to tease Samekichi. He's a bit melodramatic, considering the time he was acting like he was dying, and the only thing to make him better would be a Star Fruit. He is also slightly romantic. When Samekichi asked for his help about Wadanohara, he very much enjoyed listening to Samekichi talk about her, reminiscing about his old romance.


Not much is known about his past.



  • Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea - Nekoyama is a deliveryman, and encounters Wadanohara and her familiars on Star Island, "starving to death" and in "need" of a starfruit. Throughout the game, he is found to be the deliverer of Wadanohara's precious ocarina - having been the one to first deliver it to Wadanohara and later returning it to her when she loses it.
  • Ice Scream - Nekoyama makes a minor appearance, delivering to Idate a pack of underwater cigarettes, which Idate is fond of.


Wadanohara Cast


Samekichi is one of Nekoyama's friends. He helped him deliver the ocarina to Wadanohara.


Wadanohara is one of Nekoyama's friends. Wadanohara and her familiars helped him when he fainted on Star Isle.


Memoca dislikes that he asked Wadanohara to collect star fruits in the Star isle, calling him "lazy".

Other Characters


Nekoyama was seen delivering Idate cigarettes in Ice Scream.


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  • Nekoyama's hobbies are holidays and watching movies. He likes star fruits and often gets high after eating too many of them. He also hates cigarettes.
  • He is one of the characters in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea that doesn't have an official character portrait yet. The others are Irena and Miyura.
  • His name literally means "Cat Mountain".


  • "Ahh..." (Bonus Room)
  • "I say, are those cigarettes truly so good...?" (To Idate; Ice Watching: Round Two)



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