–Nataka Kurokawa, Mogeko Castle

Nataka Kurokawa


Character Information
Japanese Name 黒川ナタカ
Romaji Name Kurokawa Nataka
Character Code 0001
Location Human World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 155cm (≈5'1")
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status

Nataka Kurokawa (黒川ナタカ) is one of the cameo characters in Mogeko Castle. She is a human high school girl.


Nataka has a messy black bob, fair skin, lifeless black eyes (with heavy bags), and black nails. She wears a school uniform, which consists of a white dress shirt, a red tie, a black vest with three gray buttons, a gray pleated skirt, black knee socks, and gray loafers. She has shark/demon-like teeth.


Nataka is described to be "a girl with 100 problems"; she has some medical issues including a weak stomach which causes her to cough up blood frequently. She sometimes has violent fits of anger, often destroying some of her own things. She has very low self-esteem and has little care/concern for her own well being. She smokes and drinks, even though she's underage. She doesn't like noisy things such as buses or trains and prefers bicycles. In a comic done by Deep Sea Prisoner, Nataka thinks that she's 'more worthless than an earthworm'. She is also plagued by nightmares.[1]


She seems to have some illness and maybe mental illnesses as well. She coughs up blood but despite that condition, she tends to ignore it and is featured in suicidal imagery. With this, she might have bad anxiety and/or depression.



  • Mogeko Castle - She is referred to as "Girl with Lifeless Eyes" during her cameo, alongside Imika Yuhjima. On the train with Imika, Nataka has a conversation about how she hates certain types of transportation.


Imika Yuhjima

Imika is Nataka's friend and classmate. It was confirmed that Imika has one-sided romantic feelings towards her in the 2017 10 21 Sunahama relationship charts update. They have been shown in many artworks together, one being where Imika surprises Nataka by sleeping next to her in bed during presumably a sleepover. 


Kurokawa is a character who looks very similar to Nataka. Their connection is unknown. She's possibly an older/alternate version of herself.

Tomoe Yahata

Tomoe is Nataka's friend and classmate. She seems to hang around and talk with her the most.


Eruko is Nataka's former classmate. One picture showed her holding hands with Nataka.


  • Nataka thinks burgers without pickles are heresy.
  • "Kurokawa" means "black river," while "Nataka" might be a backward reading of "katana."
  • She doesn't like buses or trains, as said in Mogeko Castle.
  • She is scared of Saturn and Jupiter to the point of throwing up at the thought.


  • "Gah... I hate trains." (In Mogeko Castle, while on the train)
  • "Sigh....." (Mogeko Castle Bonus Room)
  • "... It's a plain, boring earthworm. I'm just like it... No, I'm... more worthless than the earthworm..." (from a Mini Comic)





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