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Character Information
Status Deceased
Biological Information
Species Shark
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Namiho (Sister)
Syakesan (Son)
Samekichi (Son)
Minami (Grandson)

Namikaze is a minor character in the Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea -Reboot-. She is the mother of Samekichi and Syakesan.


There is no official artwork of Namikaze at this time, but from what we can see of her sprite in the Reboot bonus scene, she appears to have the same blue-ish gray hair that her younger sister has, though with slightly choppier, short fringes for bangs. 


Not much is known about Namikaze. However, from what is seen in the Wadanohara Reboot bonus scene, Namikaze seemed to be quite dispondent later on in life before she took her own life. 


At some point, she was impregnated by Old and gave birth to twins, Syakesan and Samekichi.




Wadanohara Cast


Old and Namikaze are both the parents of Syakesan and Samekichi. The specifics of their relationship are, however, unknown.


Samekichi is the youngest son of Namikaze. In a Bonus Scene of the Reboot, along with the manga, Samekichi is shown to be upset over the death of his mother. Not much else is known about their relationship.


Syakensan is Namikaze's older son. Not much is known about their relationship, but from both the Bonus Scene in the Reboot and the manga, it appears that Namikaze's death deeply affected him.


Namiho is the younger sister of Namikaze. During a Bonus Scene of the Reboot, Namiho is seen to have hurt feelings towards her sister having died without having saying anything, even stating along the lines of "hating you (Namikaze) just a little." She is later seen at Namikaze's grave after meeting with her nephew, Samekichi, and his family. She states that despite everything bad, good things are coming out of it. She ends with asking Namikaze to please watch over Samekichi and his family.


Minami is Namikaze's grandson; the two have never met due to her untimely death.


  • Namikaze's name could be translated into "wave wind/cold wave."


There are no known quotes by Namikaze.


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