Monster in the Darkness

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Character Information
Location Flame Underworld (Formerly)
Status Deceased
Biological Information
Professional Status
Affiliation Flame Underworld
Occupation Emalf's Familiar (Formerly)
Personal Status

Monster in the Darkness was a familiar of Emalf, with Emalf describing them as his "ultimate familiar".


The Monster's physical appearance was never shown in game. However, it was presumed to be quite large, and had red schlera and yellow irises.


The Monster in the Darkness served as Emalf's "ultimate familiar," prior to its death.



  • The Gray Garden - In the Sea of Tears, Emalf was about to summon it to battle Yosafire and her friends. Before he did summon it, however, Ater and Arbus had come across the Monster and slaughtered it. When Emalf summoned the Monster, it had been rended into large chunks of flesh. With no other ideas, Emalf fled the scene. It's remains were later eaten by Rawberry.



Emalf was the familiar's master. Not much of their relationship is known. However, Emalf once boasted how they were his "ultimate familiar."


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  • Monster in the Darkness is the only known familiar with an unknown physical appearance.



The Gray Garden
The Gray Garden
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