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Mogeko Castle (Remake)
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Yonaka Kurai is an extremely ordinary high schooler. She takes the usual train home.
Though it's all ordinary, today is somewhat special. Today, her beloved brother comes home.
But when she wakes up, the train has stopped at an unfamiliar station…

Mogeko Castle (モゲコキャッスル) (Remake) is a remake of Deep-Sea Prisoner's first game Mogeko Castle (Original). It was made using RPG Maker VX Ace and released on the 5th of March, 2014.


A schoolgirl named Yonaka Kurai arrives in a castle inhabited by Mogekos after falling asleep on the train home. She spends the majority of the game escaping the castle with her guide and partner Defect Mogeko.

Age Rating[]

Mogeko Castle (Remake) contains gore, implied sexual assault, and other violent imagery. Unlike Deep-Sea Prisoner's other game Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, these elements are apparent from the start and prevalent throughout the game as a whole.

Mogeko Castle is rated by Deep-Sea Prisoner as 15+; however, this age rating is based on Japanese standards and may vary from country to country. Hence, an age rating of 18+ may be more appropriate for some.


No foreknowledge is required to play Mogeko Castle, and it does not have any prequels. It is currently unclear how the game exactly fits into the timeline of Deep-Sea Prisoner's works.

A spinoff sequel of Mogeko Castle has been in the works, called General Hashasky's Great Adventure. It continues from Mogeko Castle's Normal End. As of March 2022, the sequel is on hold in light of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. [1]



Unlike the original Mogeko Castle and many of Deep-Sea Prisoner's other games, the Mogeko Castle (Remake) does not have any battle mechanics. The game is explored using arrow keys. Much of the game can be interacted with using either the Space, Enter, or Z key to confirm actions. The inventory can be opened with the Escape or X key, and navigated using the arrow keys. Each item in the inventory has a picture inscribed in a bubble.


Visit the Mogeko Castle category for the full overview of characters.
Yonaka Character
Yonaka Kurai is the main protagonist of Mogeko Castle. She is a highschool girl who accidentally ends up at Mogeko Castle when she aboards a Mysterious Train.
Defect Character
Defect Mogeko is the deuteragonist of Mogeko Castle. He was cast out by the other Mogeko and serves as Yonaka's guide.
Mogeko Character
Mogeko are main antagonists in Mogeko Castle. Most of them are perverted and violent creatures chasing after Yonaka Kurai during her time in Mogeko Castle.
Moge-ko Character
Moge-ko is a main antagonist in Mogeko Castle. She was created by the Mogeko and lives in Mogeko Castle. She rules over the fourth floor of the castle with an iron fist.


Moge-ko Notice
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Yonaka Notice 1


Mogeko Castle begins with a Mogeko watching over someone in bed, presumably convalescing from illness. The Mogeko decides to tell them a story that is "very amusing, sad... violent, [and] pervy." From there, the game starts.

Yonaka Kurai is an ordinary high school student. She is riding a train to her home; at home, she anticipates her brother Shinya Kurai who she has not seen in a long time. Imika Yuhjima and Nataka Kurokawa make a cameo on the train as "girl with flashy hair" and "girl with lifeless eyes." Yonaka decides to nod off and sleep until she reaches her destination.


A hoard of Mogeko

Eventually, Yonaka is woken up by an announcement declaring that the train has reached its final stop; an empty station called "Mogeko Station." Yonaka disembarks from the train and wanders down the only path leading away from the station in hopes that she will find other people. She enters a forest and comes in contact with a hoard of Mogeko who wish to "have fun" with her. They begin to chase her as she runs away.

After outrunning the Mogeko, Yonaka approaches a large castle called Mogeko Castle and enters it.

Welcome to Mogeko Castle![]

Once inside the castle, the entrance doors close and Yonaka finds herself unable to leave. Almost cornered by a crowd of Mogeko, she escapes from their clutches when they all begin to argue about who will be Yonaka’s "first time." She explores the first floor and comes across various rooms. She eventually meets Somewhat Strange Mogeko, a Mogeko who wishes to lend her help.
Somewhat Strange Mogeko's Room

Meeting Somewhat Strange Mogeko

Somewhat Strange Mogeko explains the workings of the castle to Yonaka. They tell her that the castle is located in a different world from her own, and in order to leave, she will need to travel to the top floor of the castle where there is a door that may return her home. Afterwards, Somewhat Strange Mogeko gives Yonaka a knife to defend herself from Mogeko with. With Somewhat Strange Mogeko’s advice in mind, Yonaka begins to ascend to the second floor.

Bread? Rice? Prosciutto![]

Prosciutto Fairy's shrine

Prosciutto Fairy's "shrine"

On the second floor, Yonaka encounters more Mogeko who continue to chase her. Eventually, she finds herself in a strange place ornamented with flowers, inhabited mostly by Mogeko Larvae and Flutterbys. It is here where Yonaka meets Prosciutto Fairy, the guardian of the second floor. Prosciutto Fairy gives Yonaka the key to a locked door. Past the locked door is a path that leads her to a ladder and takes her to the third floor.

Here comes Defect Mogeko![]


Meeting Defect Mogeko

Yonaka walks around the third floor until she comes across a room with a heavy book about "Defective Mogekos." While reading it, a group of Mogeko find her and imprison her in a cell with Defect Mogeko, a "defective" Mogeko. After being released from his restraints by usage of the key gifted to Yonaka, Defect Mogeko becomes Yonaka's travel companion, vowing to help her escape from the castle.

Journeying further into the third floor, Yonaka and Defect Mogeko come to meet Blood Spirit, the guardian of the third floor. Blood Spirit assists the two in getting to the fourth floor by using one of his servants.

The Dictatorship of Moge-ko[]

画:VS もげ子

Meeting Moge-ko

Reaching the fourth floor full of depressed and downtrodden Mogeko, Yonaka and Defect Mogeko nearly make it to the elevator that will take them to the castle's fifth floor until they meet the fourth floor guardian, Moge-ko. Moge-ko, expressing her desire to make Yonaka her new toy, begins to chase her and Defect Mogeko. Yonaka and Defect Mogeko manage to elude her, making their way to Moge-ko's room.

Next to Moge-ko's room is her torture chamber, which is where Yonaka and Defect Mogeko find Hasu dying on a cross. Before taking his final breath and ascending to Prosciutto Paradise, Hasu reveals to them the existence of a passage under Moge-ko's bed that will take them to the fifth floor of Mogeko Castle.

The Very Hungry Grotesque Mogeko[]

Yonaka and Defect Mogeko move on to the fifth floor and eventually find a hospital. Navigating around the hospital, they reach the fourth floor where they find a room full of weapons, including a rocket launcher. After taking the rocket launcher, they continue on in their journey to the next floor.


King Mogeko

While walking down a long hallway, Defect Mogeko decides to tell Yonaka about the history and creation of Mogeko Castle; the king of Mogeko was lonely and decided to build a castle. After the creation of the castle he created seven Special Mogekos, one to serve as a guardian for each of the castle's seven floors, and many more Mogeko afterwards.


The seven Special Mogeko

Encountering Moge-ko again, she resumes her chase from before with a Hungry Grotesque Mogeko. Yonaka and Defect Mogeko are nearly caught again, until Moffuru leads them to safety.

Moffuru eventually leads Yonaka and Defect Mogeko to Lord Prosciutto's light, where they ascend to the sixth floor of the castle.

The Nightmare Never Ended[]

Yonaka and Defect Mogeko traverse further into the sixth floor where they eventually walk up a flight of stairs. They reach into a room which Yonaka assumes is the Library, but Defect Mogeko realizes that it is King Mogeko's throne room. King Mogeko claims to have destroyed the Library, which contained a secret passage that could easily lead them to the seventh floor. Yonaka and Defect Mogeko later leave and walk through many passages until they find they eventually find the Library; it is revealed that King Mogeko had wanted to destroy the Library, but the chief librarian was aware and moved it in advance.

Mogecuckoo killed

Mogecuckoo's protection

Yonaka and Defect Mogeko eventually find Mogecuckoo, the sixth floor's guardian. Mogecuckoo tries to get them to the seventh floor with his warp egg, but King Mogeko intervenes and tries to hurt Yonaka and Defect Mogeko. Mogecuckoo protects them, leading him to become injured. Yonaka and Defect Mogeko are then chased by a crowd of Mogeko. Gunfire is opened upon the two, and Defect Mogeko shields Yonaka with his body. The shooter is revealed to be King Mogeko. Using tear gas, Yonaka and Defect Mogeko flee.

Castle outside (4)

Defect Mogeko's sacrifice

Once alone in an empty prison cell, Defect Mogeko reveals that he is the last special Mogeko formerly known as Nega-Mogeko and reveals his ties to King Mogeko. Now too wounded to continue on in his quest with Yonaka, Defect Mogeko sacrifices himself, slaying many Mogeko before his defeat by King Mogeko.

From the window of the prison cell, Yonaka can only watch as King Mogeko executes Defect Mogeko via burning while crucified. Now alone, Yonaka continues onward towards the seventh floor of the castle.

Exit, Entrance[]

On the seventh floor, Yonaka passes through a doorway and finds herself on the bus that she always takes home. Once the bus stops, Yonaka begins walking home where she finally sees her brother Shinya Kurai after a long time. The two greet each other in the living room of their home. However, their living room is covered in blood and flesh. Shinya begins to describe the murder he committed prior to Yonaka's return, presumably of their parents and how much they "thrashed." Turning to Yonaka, he tells her that "it's now [her] turn." He begins to chase her, and she flees back to the bus stop. The bus is revealed to be driven by a Mogeko, and Yonaka is taken back to the castle.

End Happy

The True ending

Wandering into the castle, Yonaka finds herself before the Door of Truth. If Yonaka does not kill any Special Mogeko, she will pass through the Door of Falsehood and activate the True ending. She returns home and stabs her brother Shinya Kurai, killing him. She then proclaims that she is now "truly happy." It then cuts to the beginning scene of the game. The Mogeko who was looking over someone in bed is revealed to be King Mogeko, and the person in bed is revealed to be Yonaka, who is implied to have attempted suicide by swallowing pills.

If Yonaka kills any Special Mogeko, she will pass through the Path of Paradise and activate the Normal ending. She becomes Lord Prosciutto and kills King Mogeko, becoming the new ruler of Mogeko Castle.

Easter Eggs and References[]

Moge-ko Notice
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This section contains heavy spoilers about Mogeko Castle.
Proceed with caution.
Yonaka Notice 1

Real-World References[]

  • Before Yonaka enters Mogeko Castle, she must wander down a path over the castle's moat. The castle path is lined with stone Mogeko statues inscribed with one quote: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." This is in reference to a line found in the poem The Divine Comedy, the line of which is inscribed upon the gate of Hell.
  • On the first floor of the castle, a reference to the Sunahama, the name of Deep-Sea Prisoner's blog, can be found in the form of a room filled with boxes labeled "sunahamazon.co.jp," which is also a reference to the Japanese branch of the shipping company Amazon.
  • Mogeko Castle makes frequent references to Christian imagery.
    • On the fourth floor of the castle, a crude "painting" of a Mogeko holding a Mogeko while surrounded by Mogeko angels can be found; this painting is in reference to the Virgin Mary holding the Christian Messiah Jesus Christ.
    • Three paintings that parody famous paintings depicting events in the Bible can also be found in the game.


  • Several characters from Deep-Sea Prisoner's other series make cameo appearances.
    • On the Mysterious Train at the start of the game, Nataka Kurokawa and Imika Yuhjima make a cameo appearance, although they are respectively known as "Girl with Lifeless Eyes" and "Girl with Flashy Hair."
    • A letter from Sullivan to Kurotsuno (Olivia) can be found on the first floor of the castle. Written while being chased by Mogeko, Sullivan professes that he has been a failure of a father and loves her.
    • Wadanohara makes a cameo appearance in the form of a miniature figurine, which can be found on top of a shelf in Somewhat Strange Mogeko's room. She also makes a cameo in the General Hashasky's Great Adventure trailer, in the form of a Mogeko named "Mogenohara" dressed up as her.
    • Yosafire makes a cameo appearance in the form of a miniature figurine, one of which can be also found on top of a shelf in Somewhat Strange Mogeko's room, the other on top of a shelf on the fourth floor of the castle. She also makes a cameo in the General Hashasky's Great Adventure trailer, in the form of a Mogeko named "Mogefire" dressed up as her.
    • Kurotsuno makes several cameo appearances in the form of several life-sized stone statues scattered around Mogeko Castle; she also personally appears in some of the rooms of the castle, searching for her lost cellphone.
    • Hanten and Met make a cameo appearance together, both of them searching for Kurotsuno on the fourth floor of the castle.
    • Collectively Kurotsuno, Hanten, and Met make a cameo appearance on the fifth floor of the castle, after Kurotsuno finds her phone.
  • On the third floor of the castle, an Ice Scream cameo can be found in the form of "anime" being broadcast on a television screen.
    • Similarly, on the fifth floor of the castle, a The Gray Garden cameo can be found in the form of "anime" being broadcast on a television screen.
  • Within the game, several paintings from some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's other games can be found:
    • On the third floor of the castle, a painting of Moge-kov and Mogekov Hashasky can be found in the room of the Mogeko Yonaka can potentially sleep with.
    • On the fifth floor of the castle, two paintings in the bonus room of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea can be found hanging on the hospital's wall.
    • On the sixth floor of the castle, one painting can be found hanging on the wall of the library's foyer.


  • The ads on the Mysterious Train change after Yonaka arrives in Mogeko Castle. For instance, the ad that says "ALIVE" changes to "DEAD" and the ad that shows two people holding a heart changes to one person holding a knife while the other is bleeding.
  • On the third floor of the castle, Yonaka can choose to sleep with a Mogeko. If she does, she will "[spend] a sweet night with the Mogeko." This changes Yonaka's Student ID: prior to sleeping with the Mogeko, her ID reads that she is a "female student." After sleeping with the Mogeko, the ID reads that she is a "woman."
  • Yonaka's menu portrait changes throughout the game:
    • Upon Defect Mogeko's death, she begins to shed tears in her portrait.
    • After returning home, her portrait changes once again; instead of crying, she instead has a stoic glare on her face. Unlike previous portraits, her eyes can be seen - colored gray rather than her typical black with white pupils.
    • After passing through the Door of Falsehood in the true ending, Yonaka will have red eyes instead of gray.


  • Defect Mogeko tells Yonaka the third floor is the last floor accessible by the stairs; this is false as to reach the seventh floor Yonaka uses stairs.
  • Deep-Sea Prisoner incorporates real-life photos she has taken into her games. For instance, Yonaka's hand and various backgrounds in Mogeko Castle are taken from real life. [2]


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