–Mogecuckoo, Mogeko Castle


Moge Mogecuckoo

Character Information
Japanese Name モゲコッコ
Romaji Name mogekokko
Location Mogeko Castle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Mogeko
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Castle
Occupation Sixth Floor Guardian
Personal Status
Relatives Mogeko (Brethren)

Mogecuckoo (モゲコッコ) is one of the seven Special Mogekos in Mogeko Castle. He assists Yonaka Kurai in her quest to escape Mogeko Castle's sixth floor and return home to the Human World.


Characteristic of a Mogeko, Mogecuckoo has the typical cheery Mogeko face. However, he possesses a notable difference in his appearance compared to other Mogekos; his body is white and egg-shaped, and he has wings rather than fingerless paws, closely resembling a chicken. On top of his head is also a red chicken comb.


Like the other Special Mogekos, Mogecuckoo is surprisingly benevolent during Yonaka's quest to reach the seventh floor. Without any complaint he allows her to use his warp egg, and wishes her the best of luck to getting up. In an act of pure altruism Mogecuckoo protected Yonaka and Defect Mogeko from King mogeko's attempt to stop them from warping to the seventh floor, using his own body as a shield and winding up injured as a consequence.


Mogecuckoo is said to have been created by King mogeko alongside the other six Special Mogekos, at the genesis of Mogeko Castle, to serve as a guardian of one of the castle's floors. Aside from being the guardian of the sixth floor, he is also the chief librarian of Mogeko Castle's library.



  • Mogeko Castle - Mogecuckoo appears as the guardian of the sixth floor, and like the Special Mogekos before him, assisted Yonaka in reaching the next floor by allowing her to use a warp egg. When Yonaka was nearly prevented from reaching the seventh floor due to King mogeko's intervention, Mogecuckoo shielded Yonaka with his body, protecting her at the cost of him being injured.


King mogeko 

Mogecuckoo was created by King mogeko when the King first created Mogeko Castle. Aside from their relationship as creator and creation, little is known about the two.

Yonaka Kurai 

Mogecuckoo, like the other floor guardians, helped Yonaka in her journey to reach the fourth floor. He allowed her to use a warp egg, which allowed Yonaka to ascend to the seventh floor. When King mogeko nearly prevented Yonaka from reaching the seventh floor, it was Mogecuckoo who stopped him, by shielding Yonaka from harm using his own body.

Defect Mogeko 

The two were friends.


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In-game Photos

Mogeko Castle (Original)

Mogeko Castle (Remake)


  • While Mogecuckoo appears to be wearing a suit, according to his Mogeko Castle bio the "suit" is, in actuality, his own body.
  • Mogecuckoo's name is derived from “Mogekokko,” the Japanese equivalent of “cockadoodledoo,” a noise attributed to chickens. [1]


  • Cockadoodledoo! (Mogeko Castle Bonus room)




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