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Character Information
Japanese Name もげこふ
Romaji Name Mogekofu
Location Mogeko Kremlin
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Hashasky
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Kremlin
Occupation Mogekov Hashasky's Underling
Personal Status

Moge-kov (もげこふ) is one of the main protagonists of General Hashasky's Great Adventure. She's the Hashasky, equivalent of Moge-ko.


Moge-kov has long platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. Her appearance is similar to Moge-ko's, with the same features and hair style. She wears a white underskirt and a blue dress-like trench coat which has six silver buttons on the front, a gray fur trim around the neck part, and white cuffs on the end of her long sleeves with valenki and a ushanka that takes on the shape of her Hashasky ears with a yellow Mogeko-like symbol on the front. Her gloves are black and she wears a black belt with a silver circle belt buckle. She is often depicted with a large long butcher like knife.


Not much is known about Moge-kov, but she is deemed to have a calm demeanor.


Not much is known about her past.




  • Mogeko Castle - She was briefly seen in the General Hashasky's Great Adventure teaser trailer.



Moge-ko seems to have met Moge-kov in the past. The two may be enemies, due to Moge-ko kidnapping Moge-kov's general Mogekov Hashasky.

Mogekov Hashasky

Mogekov is Moge-kov's general.


  • The Russian word "Хорошо" (Khorosho) [pronounced as Ha-ra-sho], that appears in an artwork of Moge-kov, translates to "Okay" in English.
    • It is also the Bonus Room quote of General Mogekov. However, the word is romanized, but not translated.
  • When angered, her eyes turn a magenta-red, similar to Moge-ko's.
  • She wields a very large metal butcher knife as her main weapon.


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In-game photos

Official Artwork


  • "Is that so? Well I like yo—" (To Moge-ko)



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