The sea's so biiig!

–Memoca, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea



Character Information
Japanese Name メモカ
Romaji Name Memoka
Character Code 0154
Location The Blue Sea Kingdom
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Seagull
Gender Female
Height 110cm (≈3'6")
Professional Status
Affiliation Wadanohara's Familiars
The Blue Sea Kingdom
Occupation Wadanohara's Familiar
Personal Status

Memoca (メモカ) is a humanoid seagull and one of the main characters in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is Wadanohara's familiar and is said to not have originally been an inhabitant of the sea.


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Memoca has short, white, layered hair with a yellow streak covering her right eye. She wears a small white sailor hat tilted to the left side of her head. Her eyes are golden yellow. She also has seagull wings and a small, white tail.

She wears a white, sailor like dress, which reaches slightly below her hips. The collar, pocket edge and lower portion of the sleeves are accented with black and a small, golden anchor design is found in the lower left corner. The front of the dress contains a large, light gray oval, with a slightly darker lining and six golden buttons. Memoca also wears tan stockings and black Mary Jane shoes. 


Memoca is easily the most energetic of Wadanohara's familiars. She tends to speak her mind, even when it's not appropriate, such as when she goes as far as to ridicule Uomihime. She commonly has a mischievous attitude, evident when she teases Dolpi to tears and harasses Lobco by throwing slugs at her.

She is extremely protective and loyal to her friends, showing hostility to Samekichi and Chlomaki immediately after they insulted Wadanohara and Dolphi respectively. Memoca loves to draw and she also has a love of food, except for any food containing fowl.

Memoca also uses nicknames for all of her friends. Wadda (Wadanohara), Dolph (Dolpi), and Fukamin (Fukami).


Not much else is known about her besides the fact that she came from outside the sea, and traveled to the Totsusa Kingdom before.



  • Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea - Memoca appeared as one of Wadanohara's three familiars in the beginning of the game, and is one of the members of the fighting party.


Wadanohara Cast


Wadanohara is Memoca's master and friend. She seems to be the closest friend of Wadanohara. In the Reboot, it is revealed in a Bonus Scene (where Wadanohara tells Memoca the story of how Samekichi and her met) that Memoca was Wadanohara's first familiar after Samekichi disappeared. 


Dolphi is Memoca's friend and a fellow familiar of Wadanohara. Memoca has a habit of scaring and teasing Dolphi to the point of tears for her own amusement.


Fukami is Memoca's friend and a fellow familiar of Wadanohara.


Samekichi is Memoca's fellow familiar of Wadanohara. She disliked him due to her misunderstanding in the first half of the game. In the Reboot, it is revealed that Memoca was Wadanohara's first familiar soon Samekichi had disappeared. After Wadanohara told Memoca the story of how Samekichi and her met, Memoca thought within herself that she wouldn't forgive Samekichi for making Wadda cry, and that if they ever met, she "wouldn't hold back." 

Battle Statistics

Battle Statistics of Memoca in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
Basic Information
Tumblr inline n4vd9ebTEV1rgsnbs Name Species
Memoca Seagull
Default weapon Signature skill
Gull Knife Ultimate Momecha
Memoca is the speedster of the party The player can take advantage of her high AGI stat to support other party members with boosting and healing items. Memoca also has a number of skills that can debuff enemies, which can make battles much easier.
All stats assume no weapon, shield, armor, helmet, or accessory equipped; or no usage of stat items to increase them.
Starting stats at Level 1 Minimum stats at Level 50
HP MP Attack
35 32 14
Defense Spirit Agility
17 15 29
HP MP Attack
468 535 118
Defense Spirit Agility
242 205 454
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 1/30 (~3.33%)
Memoca has 10 skills.
While the level cap is at Level 50, all skills can be learned at Level 30.
Skill Description Level required
Peck Pecks. Hits one.
MP cost: 5 · Target: One enemy
Effects: None
Shout Squawk noisily. Lowers a foe's defense.
MP cost: 5 · Target: One enemy (no damage)
Effects: Lowers an enemy's DEF stat.
BIRD It's Bird. Hits all, causes silence.
MP cost: 7 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: Inflicts Silence condition.
Air Raid Drops junk from the sky. Hits all.
MP cost: 12 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: None
Roast Fowl Curse Curses. Hits one, lowers speed and defense.
MP cost: 10 · Target: One enemy
Effects: Lowers an enemy's DEF and AGI stats.
Gull-a-Bull Bull-a-gull. Hits one, lowers speed and defense.
MP cost: 15 · Target: One enemy
Effects: Lowers an enemy's DEF and AGI stats.
Clamor Squawk noisily. Lowers all foes' defense.
MP cost: 13 · Target: Enemy party (no damage)
Effects: Lowers the enemy party's DEF stats.
Flock Send a flock of birds. Hits all, causes ailments.
MP cost: 10 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: Inflicts Blindness, Confusion, Paralysis, Poison, Silence, and Sleep conditions.*
Slug Throw Throws slugs. Lowers a foe's speed and defense.
MP cost: 22 · Target: One enemy
Effects: Lowers an enemy's DEF and AGI stats.
Ultimate Momecha Summon giant robot Momecha. Hits all, lowers mind.
MP cost: 20 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: Drastically lowers the enemy party's SPR stats.
XP Curve
In total, 612223 XP must be gained in order to reach Level 50 as Memoca.
Level XP to next Level Level XP to next Level Level XP to next Level
1 33 18 1813 35 11159
2 57 19 2014 36 12606
3 93 20 2231 37 14277
4 142 21 2468 38 16220
5 204 22 2729 39 18462
6 277 23 3019 40 21098
7 359 24 3345 41 24182
8 453 25 3700 42 27809
9 553 26 4108 43 32097
10 660 27 4558 44 37180
11 775 28 5062 45 43245
12 897 29 5635 46 50499
13 1028 30 6287 47 59240
14 1161 31 7022 48 69810
15 1309 32 7854 49 82670
16 1467 33 8816 50
17 163 34 9908
Additional Information
Memoca cannot be Silenced.
*It is not guaranteed to inflict all status effects.
Most of the time, the Flock Skill inflicts around three or four of the six status effects.


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  • It was said that Memoca visited the Totsusa Kingdom before she was Wadanohara's familiar and that she was able to see Artamos in his rabbit form.
  • Similar to Dolpi, Memoca tends to be an assumed male by many, due to her demeanor and appearance.
  • Memoca's name is 'Kamome', but with the syllables read backwards.[1]
    • Kamome means "seagull".
  • As stated in the physical copy of volume one of the manga, her favourite colour is orange. Her favourite food is various type of fruits and sea grapes. Her specialities include drawing using crayons, and flying.
  • Despite blatantly vocalizing her hatred of roast fowl in the beginning of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, nothing aside from the item's intended purpose (which is healing 250HP) actually happens should the player give it to her prior to the cutscene.
  • She has a knife (seagull knife) as her favorite weapon.
  • On Deep-Sea Prisoner's third live stream, she replied to a question that asked if Memoca was from the Sky Kingdom that Kigisu rules over. DSP stated this is not the case, and that even though Memoca is a bird, she used to live along the coast. [2]


  • "What the heckie?! Totsusa Kingdom!!!"
  • "WADDA!!!"
  • "Hey Dolph, did you know? If you wish on a shooting rainbow your wish comes true!"


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