Malon Fig


Character Information
Japanese Name マロン・フィグ
Romaji Name Malon Fig
Character Code 0308
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Vampire
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status

Malon Fig (マロン・フィグ) is a character that was designed and drawn on a stream by Deep-sea Prisoner on the 29th of July 2020. [1] Her appearance was based off of fan-suggestions.


Malon has a wide range of menhera-styled pastel colors and accessories. Her hair is long and pink, streaked with blue, tied and into twintails with purple ribbons. Four hair clips can also be found in her hair, alongside a myriad of other x-shaped hair clips in various pastel shades and sizes. Her eyes have a pink to a pastel yellow gradient. Underneath her left eye is a beauty mark.

Her dress is short, ruffled, and lavender colored with a white petticoat underneath. On her left arm, she wears a white and lavender striped arm warmer. Her nails are painted in pastel colors, as well. She wears mismatched thigh-high socks - the left one being powder blue with white polka dots, the right being mint- and white-striped. Her heels are chunky and lavender-colored.

Malon also carries two bags - one is a stitched, pastel bunny backpack. Her other bag is that of a blood transfusion pack, pierced by a straw. Furthermore, her artwork features a stitched bat near her, who matches her color scheme; it is possible that the bat is a companion of sorts. 


Not much is still known about Malon. However, during volume seven of the drawing live stream, DSP mentioned that she "has a great personality; [but is] a little bit harsher." [2] She has also said that Malon is probably possessive, but not menhera to the degree of for example Satanick. [3]


Not much is known about her past.


Up to this day, Malon has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations.



Malon and Cawshain are girlfriends. The precise details of their relationship have yet to be shown.


  • Her name is an acronym of the word "flamingo." [1]
    • Deep-sea Prisoner has said she named Malon this because of her pink hair.
  • The blood bag she carries has the word "blood" written on it, enciphered using the Deep-Sea Script.
  • Her design is based off of fan suggestions, with features that would include pointy eyes, knee high socks, earrings, a backpack, a twin-tail hair style, hairpins, immortality (vampire), a blood transfusion pack, the color pink, and the Menhera fashion style. 
  • Deep-sea Prisoner has stated that she's a lesbian.
  • When asked about which world Malon was from, Deep-sea Prisoner replied saying, "Not a human world." [1]
  • DSP has stated that "[she'd] like to think that Malon's mysterious hair ornament is only worn when she wants to be super fashionable (due to the cost of production)" [4]


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There are currently no known quotes by Malon.


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