–Mafuyu, Ice Watching: Round 1



Character Information
Japanese Name マフユ
Romaji Name Mafuyu
Character Code 0104
Location Iceberg Isle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Harp Seal
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Iceberg Isle
Personal Status
Relatives Rocma (Guardian)

Mafuyu (マフユ) is a humanoid baby harp seal who lives together with Rocma on Iceberg Isle. She is a supporting character in Ice Scream.


Mafuyu has white, shoulder-length hair that is tied into two front twintails with gray bows. Her eyes are black with white pupils and gray eye-spots above her eyes. She wears a large, round hat with a face resembling that of a seal's; a long cloak with a seal tail; a white sailor fuku with a blue necktie, a blue pleated skirt, gray stockings; and black boots with three small white buttons on the top. Her hands are instead paws with black claws.


Mafuyu is innocent and naive in both nature and actions. She doesn't speak much and requently fails to grasp a situation. She's also easily impressed (e.g. being entranced by balls of yarn).


She once got lost and drifted to Iceberg Isle on an ice floe, where she was taken in by Rocma upon her arrival. It is unknown where her real parents are or whether they are still alive.






Ice Scream Cast


Rocma acts as Mafuyu's parental guardian, and is also her housemate.


Peraco is Mafuyu's friend and neighbor. Peraco often cares for and plays with Mafuyu alongside her siblings when Rocma is unavailable.


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Ice Scream

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Mogeko Castle

Official artwork


  • Her name means "dead of winter."
  • Rocma and Mafuyu's house is cluttered with her toys.
  • She has a fondness for sledding and doodling.
  • There is a scratching board in her house filled with both her and Rocma's scratch marks.
  • S he got lost and rode on the ice to the island.
  • Mafuyu has a stuffed white bear that is her treasure. 


  • "♪♪♪"



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