The only people around me were demons, who were thinking about nasty stuff all the time.

–Lowrie, The Gray Garden



Character Information
Japanese Name ロウリー
Romaji Name Rourī
Character Code 0152
Location Gray Garden

Reficul's World (Formerly)

Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Height 172cm (≈5'8")
Professional Status
Affiliation Gray Garden

Reficul's World (Former)

Occupation Teacher
Personal Status

Lowrie (ロウリー) is a humanoid bird demon in The Gray Garden. He is a teacher at the school in the Gray Village, along with his colleague, Greif.


Lowrie Sprite
He has black hair with long bangs that fall into his face which he keeps in a thin ponytail at the base of his neck. He also has an orange cowlick on top of his head that resembles a feather. His eyes are pure black irises on yellow sclera. His hands resemble bird's claws with grey-brown scales and sharp black nails. He lacks wings, but has a long tail of dark grey feathers. He wears a grey turtleneck under a dark grey jacket with darker fur trim, and black pants with a bird's footprint at the ankles. His shoes are plain brown. He also carries a D-guard saber, even during class; the sheath has a star engraved on it, the star being Reficul's symbol. He carries a cheerful expression on his face, though it is a facade. His normal expression is rougher and scarier, his pupils smaller and intimidating.


Lowrie is a kind man who cares dearly for his students. He likes to talk and tell stories. His hobbies include reading and singing. He is a strong fighter, as seen in The Gray Garden. He hates cows.

Although, as seen in the bonus video in The Gray Garden, Lowrie's gentle personality was fabricated due to his belief that his true personality would scare his students. Even though he's truly crass, he still genuinely cares for his students, which can be seen from his conversation with Reficul about his students.


He came from Reficul's world. Not much is known other than he seems to be more crude in his home world and is implied to be enemies with Ushio.




The Gray Garden Cast


Yosafire is one of Lowrie's students.


Froze is one of Lowrie's students.


Macarona is one of Lowrie's students.

Rawberry Preserves

Rawberry is one of Lowrie's students.


Chelan is one of Lowrie's students.


Dialo is one of Lowrie's students.


Greif teaches at the same school as him (as well as fights alongside him). She also seems to have overheard his conversation with Reficul and knows about his true personality. Deep-Sea Prisoner mentioned that she pushes Lowrie around a lot, and that he may be irritated of it, though he doesn't admit his feelings.[1]

Other Characters


Ushio is implied to be Lowrie's enemy and to, consequently, be the reason that Lowrie dislikes cows.


Reficul was the devil of Lowrie's former world, and the one who brought him to the Gray Garden. Despite her status, Lowrie and her speak casually with each other.


  • He came from Reficul's world, where he states the weather was bad year-round.
  • His name might be based off "black lories;" it could also be Laurel / Victory (from Laurence)
  • Lowrie is also mentioned/implied to be some kind of bird, as well as being a demon. He may possibly be a black lory or a dusky lory based on his feathers.
    • Another implication to support this is his name having similar pronunciations to "lory."


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  • "I want a drink... coffee probably." (The Gray Garden bonus room)
  • "My usual self... would probably scare them too much."  (The Gray Garden bonus room)




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