Character Information
Japanese Name ラヴィンラック
Romaji Name Ravuinrakku
Character Code 0226
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Feudal Lord
Personal Status

Lavinrac (ラヴィンラック) is a character in Mogeko's upcoming game, Carnival Rhythm. She is said to be a feudal lord of one of the worlds.


Lavinrac has long foot-length orange hair that is tied up into two twintails with two white comical demon skulls and black bat wings. She has dark orange streaks in her hair with two yellow stars decorating her bangs. She wears a reddish-orange, white polka-dotted star-laced dress up to her thighs and a white apron adorned with another demon skull, stars, and a crescent moon tied up with a large orange striped and yellow ribbon, as well as multicolored, yellow starred, knee length stockings and black shoes with a moon decoration on the side of the right shoe and a star decoration on the side of the left shoe. Lavinrac also has a large yellow/orange striped purple cloak, a small yellow moon earring on her left ear and a small star earring on her right ear, and a floating yellow starred crown above the left side of her head. She has eyes that transition from light purple, to orange, and finally, to yellow.


Lavinrac is said to be a selfish feudal lord who loves human meat. There is not much information about her currently.


Not much is known about her past yet.




Carnival Rhythm Cast


Eclair may possibly be one of Lavinrac's servants.

Mono Chrome

Mono Chrome may possibly be one of Lavinrac's servants.

L. R. E. L. N.

L. R. E. L. N. may possibly be one of Lavinrac's servants.


  • Her name, "Lavinrac", is "Carnival" backwards.
  • In a QnA, Deep-Sea Prisoner stated she loves human meat.[1]


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Carnival Rhythm

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