The Land of Sun is the world where Siralos lives. It is a world where the sun is a necessity for all living creatures. It also has an underworld named Flame Underworld, which is where Ivlis lives.


One day, the Sun God, Siralos, decided to fill his world with the radiance of a thousand suns. Later, he decided to create servants for himself: Igls Unth and Ivlis. He raised the two, teaching them loyalty and his words.

After Ivlis expresses small doubts over the actions of his god, Siralos banishes him from the Land of Sun to the Flame Underworld.

Residents of Land of Sun

General Appearance

The world is filled with suns.

Locations in the Land of Sun

The world has yet to have any locations shown.

Flame Underworld

Main Article: Flame Underworld



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