Ignorance is bliss.

–King Mogeko, Mogeko Castle

King mogeko

King mogeko

Character Information
Japanese Name もげこ王
Romaji Name Mogeko ou
Location Mogeko Castle
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Mogeko
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Castle
Occupation King
Personal Status
Relatives Mogeko

King Mogeko (もげこ王) is the main antagonist of Mogeko Castle. He is the leader of the Mogekos, supposedly.


King Mogeko looks like most normal Mogekos, although in some parts of the game he appears in he can be seen with one giant disturbing eye in the middle of his face- specifically when Defect Mogeko fails to kill him, and also in the "Happy End" where he talks madly about how Yonaka is stuck with him forever. It's notable that in some paintings throughout the castle, there's a Mogeko with a single eye; these paintings most likely depict King Mogeko in his true state. In the painting behind his throne, he is seen with six golden flame-like wings and a golden crown.


Just like the other Mogekos, his hobby is anything erotic, and he likes girls. He also hates slugs. He's very childish and sadistic, as well.


King Mogeko used to be friends with Nega-Mogeko (Defect Mogeko). He created Mogeko Castle and the Seven Special Mogekos, and presumably, every other Mogeko as well.




Mogeko Castle Cast


All Mogekos in the castle are mogeko's subordinates. They worship him as their king.

Defect Mogeko

King Mogeko's rival. Mogeko used to be friends with Defect Mogeko (when he was still referred to as "Nega-Mogeko"). He imprisoned Defect Mogeko with the excuse of him being a "defective Mogeko," after the latter tried to call him out for his actions.

Yonaka Kurai

Just like the other Mogekos, King Mogeko is madly in love with Yonaka.


Moge-ko is one of King Mogeko's subordinates. In the normal ending of the game, it is shown that even he fears Moge-ko getting angry at him.

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In-game Photos

Mogeko Castle (Original)

Mogeko Castle (Remake)


  • While most of the Mogekos' names are written in katakana (モゲコ), King Mogeko's name is written completely in hiragana (もげこ). The only exception is in the Bonus Room in the Japanese version of the game--there, his character profile has his name in katakana as well.
  • Even though having a single eye is one of King Mogeko's distinguishing traits. It is unknown why he has it or if any other Mogekos have it.
  • Despite being portrayed as a powerful entity, he actually dies fairly easy in one end.
  • Comparing their Bonus Room entries, King Mogeko's traits are exactly similar to a normal Mogeko's. These include their overall appearance, hobby, likes and dislikes.
  • As stated in the Bonus Room, he is said to resemble Lord Prosciutto, is an incarnation of him, or even is him.


  • "Mogege! I wanna XXX Yonaka-tan! ♥︎" (Bonus Room)



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