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..... I can only destroy.

— Kcalb, The Gray Garden

Kcalb (クカルブ) is a major character in The Gray Garden. He is the devil of the Gray Garden and older brother of Wodahs. In the past, he fought in the Great War with his godly counterpart Etihw.

Physical Description

Kcalb's appearance in The Gray Garden.

Kcalb has short messy white hair, black scleras with white irises, raceless white skin and two dark gray horns protruding from his head. He wears a large fur trimmed dark gray coat with black diamonds at the hem, a suit consisting of a white dress shirt and black tie, coat, slacks, and dress shoes.

In the past, Kcalb had longer hair tied in to a ponytail. He wore a black military uniform with six diamonds on the front, three gray diamonds on each sleeve, black belt, and large fur-rimmed dark gray coat that had some tears at the end. He also wore black gloves, pants, and shoes.

Kcalb's appearance in Garden Gray The.

In Garden Gray The, Kcalb has long white hair in a hime cut. She wears the same suit in The Gray Garden but with a black skirt. She also wears black socks with gray stripes and black boots that have white diamonds on each side and heel. She is relatively much shorter than her original appearance as well.

During the events of The Gray Garden, Kcalb was heavily injured after his battle with Ivlis. In the battle, his hands were injured, and towards the end of The Gray Garden, his hands could be seen wrapped in bandages. In some artworks after the events of The Gray Garden, he can still be seen with bandaged hands. Kcalb can also be seen with a cane at times; two instances of this are in an image during the credits of the game and a panel of the #ATTACK!_Devil-ish_Style|Attack! Devilish Style comic.


Kcalb is known to be rather temperamental and easily flustered, often enraged over trivial matters. He hates spicy things and has a hobby of watching the full moon. He is described by Etihw as "outrageously shy" and very introverted and quiet in most situations. His shyness can be curbed by a large enough threat; evidenced through an aggressive manner he used to subdue Ivlis so that Froze, Yosafire, Macarona, and Rawberry could defeat him. His shyness can also be curbed by alcohol, and he is not conscious of his actions after getting drunk as shown in a mini-comic.

Kcalb was apparently "much scarier" before the creation of the Gray Garden and had deep resentment toward both angels and Etihw. Back during the Great War, Kcalb was darker, having given up everything. [1] He now spends a lot of time recollecting the past and agonizing over his sins and mistakes. He hardly regards himself with importance and expresses deep guilt for his past to the degree that he told Yosafire "he wasn't worth saving" as he was falling from a cliff.

Kcalb is said to have a low voice, as does his brother Wodahs. [1]


Kcalb is the devil of the Gray Garden. For many centuries, he was sealed underground by Etihw. At one point he managed to break free and wage war on them, becoming the catalyst to the "Great War" between angels and demons.

Near the end of that war, he had a great battle with Etihw, where during it, he ruined the right eye of his younger brother Wodahs. The words of Wodahs opened both his and Etihw's eyes, prompting them to create a new world in place of the old. Sometime in the past, he destroyed the old world.

A part of Kcalb's background that remains unclear is his precise relation to Wodahs. It's been said that they are brothers, though it is unknown whether they are blood related, seeing how they are different species.




  • Mogeko Castle - He appears as a cameo on a television screen, along with some of the other The Gray Garden cast.




Kcalb's and Etihw's mutual romantic feelings.

Etihw is Kcalb's wife and the god of their shared world. He patently dislikes being teased by them regarding his age, sweet tooth, and other quirks, but never takes it to heart and enjoys their company nonetheless. He worries over them when they are separated, and seemingly has an intuitive faculty concerning Etihw that makes him aware should they ever be in trouble. He plays games, eats, and goes on walks with them, but is mostly seen conversing with them in the Gray Room. He is often reduced to a blushing stuttering mess in the face of Etihw's romantic advances. Throughout the years, he has harbored feelings for them and developed an overprotective disposition whenever someone such as Satanick attempts to influence them.

Observed through some artworks and The Gray Garden, Kcalb and Etihw are in a romantic relationship. To a question asked by a fan regarding whether or not Kcalb and Etihw were married or dating, Deep-Sea Prisoner responded with "YEP(^◡^)." [2] In a Lighthouse Mail, Deep-Sea Prisoner also stated that if Etihw had died in Kcalb's place he would "follow them into death." [3] [4]

In the past, he was evidently disdainful of Etihw, and blatantly expressed his desire to settle things with them in his time sealed underground. They were bitter enemies who sacrificed a great number of their own underlings in the Great War between angels and demons.


Wodahs scolding Etihw and Kcalb for bickering.

Wodahs is Kcalb's younger brother. They share an unusual business-like relationship yet are on good terms and refer to each other with familial terms; Kcalb fondly calls him "Wod." Kcalb favors Wodahs' work over his own underlings', and entrusts the latter in a great deal of duties and errands despite not directly being under his command.

Kcalb is guilt ridden for ruining Wodahs' right eye during the Great War, and unfailingly offers a remorseful expression each time he sees his younger brother's eyepatch. In the bonus room of The Gray Garden, Wodahs admitted that he enjoys this, revealing a more sadistic tendency.

It has also been stated that Kcalb is "a bit traumatized after being stabbed by his younger brother a long time ago." [5] This likely refers to an event that took place during the Great War.

Despite being brothers, the two are different species. It is unknown how this came to be. So far there have been no implications of the them not being blood-related, though this has also not been disproven. When inquired about this matter in an interview, Deep-Sea Prisoner declined to answer, likely not wanting to spoil anything.


Silhouette is the daughter of Kcalb and Etihw. They are on good terms and are very close. Silhouette sometimes plays common pranks on him, though not to tease him. [6]

The Gray Garden Cast


Arbus is Kcalb's demon underling. He is resigned and irked with her, but still relies on the demon to survey and report to him. Disrespectful of him as she may, Arbus is devoted to Kcalb, and would not tolerate opposition toward her Devil.


Ater is Kcalb's demon underling. As with Arbus, he is just as resigned and irritated with her, but still depends on her to survey around and report back to him. Ater's loyalties are committed entirely to Kcalb, and she does not react kindly to antagonism toward her devil.

Alela Grora

Grora is an angel and subordinate of Kcalb. She gets on his nerves and bombards him with questions he dislikes answering, but respects him nonetheless. Grora formally addresses him as "Sir Devil."



Compared to other demons, Kcalb is particularly close to Yosafire. While evidently irritated of her mischief most of the time, he tolerates her presence and even welcomes it. It is confirmed in Hobohobo Free Game Magazine #3 that Yosafire is fond of playing pranks on Kcalb.

After being gravely injured and pushed off a cliff by Ivlis, Kcalb is saved by Yosafire. As he was falling, he tries to convince her how he has no right to live considering his past deeds, but she ignores his reasons, stating that she doesn't care about who he was in the past. He grows considerably softer around her in the epilogue of the game and their bonus scenes together.


During the events of The Gray Garden, Ivlis tried to steal Kcalb's devil powers. Later, Kcalb ended up thieving a good portion of Ivlis' powers himself, leaving the other devil weak enough for Yosafire and her friends to take him down. Prior to The Gray Garden, they were strangers to each other and had never met before.


Reficul is Kcalb's fellow devil and acquaintance. He has apparently known her for a long time, but they both appear to not have regular contact with each other. He does not appear to have any particular thoughts about her, though caters rather submissively to her overwhelming presence.

For her part in preventing the takeover of the Gray World by Ivlis and his cronies, Kcalb promised to attend a Devil's Party.

Other Characters


Satanick is a fellow devil whose presence is not necessarily welcomed by Kcalb. Kcalb mostly goes mute around him, but can be rather aggressive and downright violent toward Satanick due to his constant perverted tendencies around Etihw.


"Crow" holds some relation to Kcalb, though in what capacity has yet to be revealed. [7] They are stated to resemble Kcalb, though in what capacity is currently unknown.

Unnamed Character

This currently unnamed character appears to know Kcalb, having some connection to him from a past experience. In The Gray Garden bonus room video ???, Kcalb appears remorseful about what he has done to this person, though they correct him on not needing to apologize, stating that they were able to live wonderfully happy days since "that day." The details surrounding this particular incident have yet to be revealed. They are also the one that is raising "Crow." [7]


Yosaflame was one of Kcalb's loyal subordinates who died during the Great War. Their relationship may be hinted at Kcalb's closeness to Yosafire, who is Yosaflame's descendant.

Cranber & Lost

They were Kcalb's loyal subordinates who died during the Great War.


Natural Abilities

  • Nigh-Absolute Immortality - Being a devil, Kcalb cannot die from natural causes such as disease or aging.
  • Destruction - In the past during the war, he destroyed Etihw's previous world that eventually ended up as a barren wasteland.
  • Power Absorption - He was able to absorb most of Ivlis' power even while severely injured.

Battle Statistics

Battle Statistics of Kcalb in The Gray Garden
Basic Information
Tumblr inline n63nasQ9WF1s2iizb.png Name Species
Kcalb Devil
Default weapon Signature skill
None None
All stats assume no weapon, shield, armor, helmet, or accessory equipped; or no usage of stat items to increase them.
Minimum stats at Level 50
HP MP Attack Defense Spirit Agility
935 927 241 243 480 440
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 1/1 (100%)


  • "Kcalb" is "Black" spelled backwards.
  • He is bad at Othello, as shown in a game with Etihw. The same also applies to cards.
  • The pattern found on the spell that Kcalb used near the end of The Gray Garden coincides with the pattern found on Kurotsuno's horn, her trident, the cover of Obsolete Dream, and numerous other artworks featuring Kurotsuno.

    A homage to Gustav Klimt 's The Kiss

  • Deep-Sea Prisoner has made a homage to the painting The Kiss by Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt featuring Etihw and Kcalb.
  • One of the 09-14 Sunahama update states that Kcalb's sexuality is "Etihw."
  • From June 28 to August 3, 2017, Deep-Sea Prisoner hosted a character popularity poll that let people vote for three of their favorite characters. When the results came out on September 7, 2017, Kcalb was ranked 2nd. [8] His female counterpart was ranked 19th. [8]
  • In the files for The Gray Garden, Kcalb's overworld walking sprites are used as placeholders for the ship, airship, and skiff that normally come with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003. Since these vehicles are inaccessible during normal gameplay, the player will never see those sprites in that context.
  • When given a list of characters on who had the biggest genitalia, Deep-Sea Prisoner stated that Satanick has the biggest, followed by Roc Hijoushiki, followed by Kcalb, followed by Ivlis, and then followed by Anten. Ivlis and Anten are about the same size. [1]
  • Kcalb's cat form Kcaneko has a deep hoarse meow. [1]


  • "Gaaahh! Quit it with that stuff! I'm still kicking it!" (to Etihw when they tell him how he is going to have a hard time moving around soon due to his age - The Gray Garden)
  • ".....My talent is destruction, not so much repair..." (To Grora - The Gray Garden)
  • "...You're the one who can't do anything." (To Ivlis when he is about to take the Flame Devil's powers - The Gray Garden)
  • "Everything you've created, every little thing... I will destroy." (To Etihw just before the outbreak of the Great War)



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