Character Information
Japanese Name ヨルク
Romaji Name Yoruku
Character Code 0021
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Yagi(Father)

Jork (ヨルク) is one of the demons in Satanick's world. He attends school as a student and has a crush on Kurotsuno. Yagi is his father.


Jork appears to have messy white hair with dark gray tips and a pair of long, curved brown horns sprouting out of his head. He has small red eyes and has a small, white fluffy tail. He wears a high collared black shirt with two rows of yellow buttons and white strips at the end of his sleeves. He also wears plain black pants and black dress shoes.


Jork is a wimp, as he seems to be scared of Hanten. Seems to have daydreams during school, as seen in one artwork.


Not much is known about his past.


Up to this day, Jork has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations.




Jork's father. He jokes about how weak and useless his son is.

Other Characters


Classmate and crush.


It is unknown what relation do they have, Jork seems to be scared of him.


Not much known about their relationship. It is possible that they are both friends and classmates.


In an artwork, it was suggested that Jork's father and Chishibuki were previously in a romantic relationship. The artwork depicted Jork standing in front of two silhouettes - a silhouette of Yagi being stabbed by a silhouette of what appears to be Chishibuki. Accompanying Japanese text captioned the picture as something similar to "couple fight".

Based on this, it appears that Chishibuki may be his mother.

DSP confirmed on Twitter that his mother is another person.



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