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The thing which I hate the most in the world is - myself, isn't it...

–Ivlis, Seaside Dispatches



Character Information
Japanese Name イヴリス
Romaji Name Ivurisu
Character Code 0110
Location Flame Underworld
Land of Sun (Previously)
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Devil
Gender Male
Height 180cm (≈5'11") [1]
Professional Status
Affiliation Siralos' Underling (Previously)
Occupation Ruler of the Flame Underworld
Personal Status
Relatives Siralos (Father)
Igls Unth (Sister)
Adauchi (Son)
Poemi (Daughter)
Licorice (Son)

Ivlis (イヴリス) is the devil of the Flame World. He is the son of Siralos, and the father of Adauchi, Poemi, and Licorice. He serves as the main antagonist of The Gray Garden, and a major character of The Sun's Curse.


Ivlis Sprite.png

Ivlis has long, dark gray hair with red streaks along the tips, held in a low ponytail; the color can be seen as an emotion indicator (it changes to fiery red-orange when he is upset). He has a pair of red horns on his head, red, scaled claws, and a red tail. He dons a longcoat over a military uniform, a two-toned red and black scarf which serve as detachable (albeit flightless) "wings," explained in a (now deleted) MEMO post, black pants, and black boots.

During the events of The Sun's Curse, Ivlis wore a brown uniform with a cloak, similar to the one worn by Igls Unth. He had a pair of red wings which were later torn off by Siralos in disproportionate punishment.

He is often depicted in a small cat form with a very round, chubby body, covered in grayish fur, except for the tip of his tail, which is red, like his ears. He also has a smaller version of his original red horns. 


Quick to anger, Ivlis' rage is often portrayed by his hair shifting from black to red with yellow-orange tips. He is a stern individual, but his dreadfully clumsy and foolish nature marks him an airhead and an easy target, most notably for other devils: Reficul and Satanick. While filled to the brim with arrogant confidence in The Gray Garden, he becomes a flustered wreck when the two aforementioned characters are nearby. He is described as a sore loser with a hunger for power.

In the past, Ivlis was considerably happier. He was stated to be a "sweet kid" and "too pure." [2] He was a naive child, blindly swearing fealty to Siralos in spite of his lack of better judgment. Becoming more knowledgeable and understanding as he grew, Ivlis nurtured doubt and pity for his World; coming to question his God of their creations’ freedom and free will. As of his banishment, Ivlis grew hateful and vengeful, planning the day he will have retribution against his former God.

Deep-Sea Prisoner has also stated that Ivlis has a hard time showing his emotions since he is not good at that sort of thing. [3]


In a world filled with an unfathomable number of beautiful lights, Ivlis was born from Siralos' flame alongside Igls Unth, who was born of Siralos' Light, as servants. The two listened closely to Siralos' every word and vowed their loyalty to him despite being young and knowing nothing of the World.

He was a devoted follower who enjoyed many happy days together with the God and Igls, praying that such moments could last for eternity. Ivlis had many companions in the Land of Sun, and busied himself as the world grew with its denizens. But as he himself grew, he came to have better comprehension of Siralos' actions, and began to harbor uncertainty about the world his god has made. Igls – still so certain of their creator – rebuked him, stating that "nothing which the great Lord Siralos is doing could be mistaken."

Unable to hold his dubiety, he inquired Siralos, displaying his discontent at the mere fact that the denizens of the Land of Sun were wholly dependent on the suns. Siralos, disappointed by his creation, stripped him of his wings by tearing them straight from his body, and subsequently disowns and banishes Ivlis into the Flame World's Underworld, where the demon then rose to become the devil. [4]



  • The Gray Garden - Ivlis is the main antagonist of The Gray Garden, and is the one who commanded the denizens of the Flame World to invade the Gray Garden. Along with his closest subordinates, he invades the Gray Garden himself, with one goal in mind - to steal the powers of fellow Devil Kcalb. Failing to do so after being deterred by the denizens of the Gray Garden, he retreats, losing a portion of his own power due to the countermeasures of Kcalb.
  • The Sun's Curse - Ivlis is a major character, one of two servants close to Siralos. After expressing small doubts over the actions of his God, Ivlis was banished to the Flame World, losing his wings at the same time. These actions would later lead to Ivlis rising to become the devil of the Flame World, and invading another realm in a greedy attempt to gain power over Siralos.


The Gray Garden Cast


Poemi is Ivlis' daughter and underling. Poemi is quite fanatical of her father; she both respects and adores him.


Emalf is one of Ivlis' underlings. Though occasionally questioning Ivlis' decisions for the worse, Emalf's loyalties are steadfast.


Rieta is one of Ivlis' underlings. Rieta has always been with Ivlis even from way back when he was still in the Land of Sun. [5] She is his most loyal supporter, and even seems to harbor romantic feelings for him. In a (now deleted) Sunahama update, it has been said that Rieta was the reason why there were so few girls around Ivlis as the devil and the underling were close prior to Rieta's disappearance.

His relationship with Rieta is stated by DSP to be one that "cannot be easily explained with words."

When asked where Reita currently is, DSP responded with, "I think she'll come back at some point. This is a sort of trial for Ivlis, losing the last person - and only person - he could rely on." [5]


They met through the events of The Gray Garden; they are on bad terms as of Ivlis' failed invasion of the Gray World. Etihw has deep hatred toward Ivlis for hurting Kcalb and their World's denizens.


During the events of The Gray Garden, Ivlis tried to steal Kcalb's Devil powers but ended up a portion of his own power getting thieved. Due to that, he became weak and got defeated by Yosafire's group. Prior to the events of The Gray Garden, they were both strangers to each other.

Other Characters


Adauchi is Ivlis' son; they are on very bad terms. [6] It is currently unknown as to why that is. Adauchi believes that his father is an airhead - an opinion held by many others. Recently, it has been stated that Adauchi is in his rebellious phase, and that despite having run away from home, he still loves Ivlis. [7]


Siralos is Ivlis' father and creator. Ivlis genuinely loved Siralos in the past, and was wholly devoted and loyal to him. Thus, his banishment both mentally and emotionally scarred him. The thought of Siralos now drives his every action. It appears that the motive behind his invasion of the Gray Garden to steal Kcalb's powers may stem from Ivlis' desire to enact revenge against Siralos for his banishment.

In the Nightmare comic panels, Ivlis has a traumatic dream back to his banishment. Awaking from the dream and into consciousness, he rose up from the bed to cry elsewhere in the room, so as to not disturb Licorice who was sleeping in his bed.

Igls Unth

Igls is the equivalent of Ivlis' older sister. They were created at the same time and raised together, quite possibly as siblings. When Ivlis began to have doubts toward their creator she rebuked him; believing everything Siralos does cannot be mistaken. Igls' reaction to his banishment is unknown, but official artwork portrays Ivlis' caring disposition for her, never having an intention of troubling the angel. Igls is said to have been sad that her precious little brother met a fate like this. [2] Before Ivlis was banished, the two were said to be very close. 

As for if the two would ever meet again, DSP has stated, "Yes; maybe someday." [8]


Satanick is considered Ivlis' most prominent tormentor. Ivlis' incidental first encounter with the other devil led to his torture, and eventually, out of terror, he started sleeping with Satanick in hopes that it will stop. [9] As of late, Satanick has begun to develop genuine feelings for Ivlis, but more often than not, goes into denial – as having such thoughts is considered a dagger to his "magnificence." After much contemplation - to the point of becoming physically ill - Satanick confess that he loves Ivlis, much to Ivlis' confusion. Ivlis internally questions this, stating that he has "never been loved." However, despite his doubts and lingering past, Satanick's robot reveals in the Truth comics that bit by bit, his heart is changing since he encountered Satanick. 

Satanick still pursues Ivlis with his advances (e.g. sneaking into Ivlis' room and declaring his wish to "make love with [Ivlis]" and be "brutally affectionate"). Deep Sea Prisoner has stated that Ivlis cannot bring himself to hit Satanick, for he is fearful of both his romantic and sexual advances. However, it can be seen in various comics after the events of Distorted Love, that their relationship is slowly improving, as stated by Licorice in Like Mother, Like Son. 

When asked on a live stream if Satanick would ever apologize to Ivlis, DSP speculated that perhaps he would one day do a genuine apology. However, if he deeply apologized, and Ivlis refused to accept this, Satanick would probably become mentally ill. Ivlis may have complicated feelings regarding him, but at some point, he might accept Satanick's apology. DSP has stated, "In this world, there are a lot of relationships in which two people can be together even if they don't always completely forgive each other." [5]


Alongside Satanick, Reficul is another one of Ivlis' tormentors, even occasionally abusing him sexually. [10][11] She played a large part in stopping his invasion in The Gray Garden, later punishing Ivlis for his invasion of the Gray World. Reficul has criticized Ivlis to be weak in bed. From "training," she had become one of Ivlis' Super Exceptions!


Ivlis is the father of Licorice, though Licorice identifies Ivlis as his mother, and calls him “Mama” (in his child form) or “Mother” (in his adult form). Licorice genuinely loves and cares for Ivlis, and will do all he can to ensure Ivlis’ safety, most notably from Satanick. He is very protective toward Ivlis, and reacts violently to any who opposes his mother, as seen in his treatment of Satanick, and, in a more mild example: his disapproving look to Adauchi. Licorice also seems to like drawing things for Ivlis, as shown in a Mini-Comic and a Sunahama update.

In the Nightmare comic panels, Licorice has a bad dream and goes to Ivlis’ room to ask if he could spend the night there (even bringing his own pillow before knowing the answer). After getting his mother’s permission, Licorice proceeds to sleep next to him. Later that night, however, he wakes to the movement of Ivlis returning back to bed and proceeds to watch. Licorice looks on with wide eyes as Ivlis sheds a tear, and immediately moves closer to hug his mother, which Ivlis returns by pulling the blanket (which was discarded slightly) over Licorice’s torso and keeps his son close.

In the Like Mother, Like Son comic panels, Licorice seems to have slowly developed incestuous feelings for Ivlis, and is evidently uncomfortable with how much effort Satanick is putting in to gain his mother’s affection when he watches his father’s antics together with a rather disturbed Emalf. While he understands that Ivlis and Satanick’s relationship improving (even just slightly) is considered a good thing for Ivlis’ sake, Licorice has stated himself that he is only “half-glad” about the occurrence, and that he does not clearly understand about “the other half’s feelings”. Because of it, Licorice appears to be experiencing internal turmoil throughout the night, and thus, goes to Emalf afterward to confide in his caretaker. Unfortunately, Emalf’s attempt at assuring him not to worry only places Licorice into further confusion as he is generally still too young to understand the reason why.

In the following Dangerous Night comic panels, Licorice approaches Ivlis in his room with sexual intent in an attempt to understand his feelings for his mother. And despite slowly caressing his mother, he continues to go through the same uncertainty he did the previous night in Like Mother, Like Son. Eventually, he decides to discard his thoughts and give in to temptation. It is only until Ivlis begins stirring in his sleep and calling out for Satanick to stop what he is doing that Licorice snaps back to reality and realizes what he has done, and promptly flees the room after glancing at his hands (now covered in Ivlis’ semen) in horror.

Licorice is then seen cowering under a blanket, shivering while apologizing profusely to Ivlis for acting no better than his father, Satanick. In following Sunahama updates, it is shown that while their relationship is not damaged due to Ivlis’ unknowingness of Licorice’s actions, Licorice also hasn’t presented any signs of owning up to his mistake and seems to be leaving his mother in the dark about the ordeal, regardless of the consequences.


Not much is currently known about their relationship. The two of them have appeared in one artwork together, in which, Photon was shown holding a bouquet of flowers and crying above Ivlis, who was under water. The title of the image was, "To you, who will never shine," with the word “Goodnight" written at the end.

Battle Statistics

Ivlis is the final boss of The Gray Garden. His boss battle contains three phases.

Statistics and Skills of Ivlis in The Gray Garden
Basic Information
Ivlis Sprite.png Name Species
Ivlis Devil
Enemy type
These stats are Ivlis' stats during the first phase of the battle. The player cannot defeat him during this phase. Once the combat phase of Turn 5 starts, the first phase of the boss battle ends.
HP MP Attack Defense Spirit Agility Rewards
99999 9999 130 999 999 999 999999 XP*
999999 Gold*
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 1/15 (~6.67%)
Skill Target Condition Effect(s) Priority
Attack One Always None 100
Magic Flame III One Always None 50
Additional Information
*Because Ivlis cannot be defeated legitimately, it is impossible to obtain the rewards programmed in the boss battle's first phase.

Statistics and Skills of Ivlis in The Gray Garden
Basic Information
Ivlis Sprite.png Name Species
Ivlis Devil
Enemy type
These stats are Ivlis' stats during the second phase of the battle. Ivlis has a fairly high damage output. Magic Flame IV could devastate the player's party if they are not prepared since the skill does splash damage.
HP MP Attack Defense Spirit Agility Rewards
1000 9999 150 70 100 100 4444 XP*
4444 Gold*
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 0/0 (0%)
Skill Target Condition Effect(s) Priority
Attack One Always None 40
Magic Flame III One Always None 50
Magic Flame IV Player party Always None 50
Additional Information
If the player manages to deal a total of 1000 points of damage to Ivlis, he transforms into Enraged Ivlis instead of defeating him. The stats of this form can be found at the next template.

*Although this Ivlis form is programmed to have reward drops, you don't get said rewards. You receive the rewards from Enraged Ivlis, which has the exact same number of rewards.

Statistics and Skills of Enraged Ivlis in The Gray Garden
Basic Information
Ivlis Sprite.png Name Species
Enraged Ivlis Devil
Enemy type
These stats are Ivlis' stats during the final phase of the battle. Ironically, his DEF stat is reduced once this phase starts.
HP MP Attack Defense Spirit Agility Rewards
1000* 9999 150 50 100 120 4444 XP
4444 Gold
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 1/20 (5%)
Skill Target Condition Effect(s) Priority
Attack One Always None 50
Magic Flame III One Always None 50
Magic Flame IV Player party Always None 50
Additional Information
*Ivlis in his Enraged form will have from 0 to 600 HP, the amount of HP is determined randomly.



  • Ivlis' name possibly comes from "Iblis", the Islamic name for the Devil in the Quran. [12]
  • The bonus room states that he has a "weak point" for scarves, likes flame, and hates slimy things.
  • He inherited Flame powers from his father, Siralos, whilst Igls Unth inherited Light powers, he also wields a flame manifested bident as his weapon. It has been shown in the Dangercomics, however, that Ivlis is also capable of producing Light-based weapons, thus creating further questions regarding Ivlis' overall powers.
  • His son, Licorice, inherited the ability to use Light Projectiles similar to Siralos, Igls Unth, and Ivlis himself. However, Ivlis' eldest son, Adauchi, as well as his daughter, Poemi, have yet to show the same capabilities. It is unknown whether this skill is hereditary through certain conditions, as Licorice was born through Ivlis and Satanick, whilst both Adauchi and Poemi through Ivlis' Flames.
  • In the 9-12 Truth Sunahama comic, 4545 has stated that: "[Ivlis] is genuinely gay. The universe would totally collapse if he ever got it up for a woman", save for three exceptions. These exceptions, as shown in the Super! Exceptions Sunahama log, includes: Rieta, Yosafire (written as "Red-Glasses-Opponent-Girl"), and Reficul (written as "Queen-sama"). However, that fact contradicts the first statement that he's gay. Most likely, he is bisexual just like every other character in the Okegom World.
  • The only reason he assaulted Yosafire in The Gray Garden was because of her red-framed glasses (since Siralos has similar glasses). [13]
  • An official shimeji for Ivlis is available for download on Deep-Sea Prisoner's website. Mogeko, Male Alela Grora, and Licorice also have their own official shimejis. [14]
  • From June 28 to August 3, 2017, Deep-Sea Prisoner hosted a character popularity poll that let each person vote three of their favorite characters. When the results came out on September 7, 2017, Ivlis was ranked 1st. [15]
  • On her first live stream, DSP commented that Ivlis has a "taste disorder" due to the psychological shock he has gone through. This can be cooaborated with some artwork, where Ivlis is seen thinking that sweet things like cake tasted like ash. [16]
    • When asked what Ivlis', Licorice's, and Satanick's favorite foods were, Deep-Sea Prisoner mentioned that they all have a sweet tooth, but that with Ivlis taste disorder, he can't really enjoy it. [8]
    • Ivlis will also use alcohol as an emotional crutch; he drinks like crazy, not caring what happens to him afterwards. [8]
  • When asked in a live stream if Ivlis would ever get new wings, DSP stated that due to a curse, Ivlis will never be able to grow new wings or ever be able to fly home. [17]
  • Ivlis' genderbent form is known as Ivlin. Some trivia of her includes: 
    • She is apparently friends with Satanica (Satanick's genderbent form). [2]
    • Unlike Ivlis, she almost never gets depressed. [2]
    • Ivlin is more expressive than Ivlis, who always stays pretty expressionless. [2]
    • She has more energy than Ivlis. [2]
  • Upon answering a question about Ivlis's "future form" where he is wearing a tanish sweater and smiling, Deep-Sea Prisoner responded: “What sort of thing made him smile like that, whether this will come out in a future story... lets wait and see, hmhmmm." [5]
  • When asked why Ivlis does not wear his scarf in many of the current drawings , DSP responded that this could be because he has had a "change of heart." [8]
  • In the School AU (Funamusea's Private Deep-Sea Acadamey), Adauchi will actually protect and stand up for Ivlis, even telling Satanick when Ivlis does not like being sexually harassed. [7]


  • "Power. I'm killing him for his power. ...That's all." (To Yosafire and co; about Kcalb The Gray Garden)
  • "Hah... peace? In this world, built on a thousand sacrifices? What a fake peace it is." (To Yosafire, regarding the current Gray World - The Gray Garden)
  • "What should I do?" (To himself - The Sun's Curse)
  • "Lord Siralos. In this world which you created, life cannot survive without the sun. Yet that makes me feel so sorry for them. Do they have no freedom?" (To Siralos The Sun's Curse)
  • "Is doubting a sin? Is it praise, is it adoration that defines righteousness? Then do those who have been cursed have no such thing as freedom? And then, are we who live in this world the same?" (To himself The Sun's Curse)
  • "The thing which I hate the most in the world is - myself, isn't it..." (To himself - Seaside Dispatches)
  • "Love, huh? I've never been loved..." (To himself - Truth comics)


  • Deep-Sea Prisoner has allowed for birthdays and heights that were posted on Ci-en to be shared on the Wiki. 


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