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–Imika Yuhjima, Mogeko Castle

Imika Yuhjima


Character Information
Japanese Name 夕嶋 イミカ
Romaji Name Yū Shima Imika
Character Code 0061
Location Human World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 162cm(≈5'4")
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status

Imika Yuhjima (夕嶋 イミカ) is a high school girl and one of the characters that cameos in Mogeko Castle. She is Nataka Kurokawa's friend.


Like all the other human characters, Imika has flesh-coloured skin. She has red swirling eyes and black irises. She also has red nail polish on. Her hair alternates between black and red, stripes of red dominating over the black of her hair. Her bangs and sidebangs have flat ends, and she has a black ahoge that is half red. She wears a white dress shirt and a red tie, underneath her long sleeved red sweater. She has a star ribbon on the right of her chest. She wears a gray pleated skirt, red stockings and black shoes, completing her high school girl attire.


Imika is a level-headed, unconcerned, and mysterious girl with flashy hair, which she insists is real.


Not much is known about her other than that she attends to the same school as Nataka Kurokawa and Tomoe Yahata.



  • Mogeko Castle - She is referred to as the "Girl with Flashy Hair" during her cameo in Mogeko Castle, alongside Nataka Kurokawa. On the train with Nataka, she has a conversation about how Nataka hates certain types of transportation.


Nataka Kurokawa

Nataka is Imika's friend, classmate and crush. Imika's one-sided romantic feelings towards here were confirmed in the 2017 10 21 relationship charts update. They have been shown in many artworks together, one being where Imika surprises Nataka by sleeping next to her during presumably a sleepover. 

Tomoe Yahata

Tomoe is Imika's classmate and friend. They don't speak to each other directly, but still hang around each other because of their friendship with Nataka.


  • Yuhjima means "evening island," while Imika means "fair reasoning."
  • She really likes the color red.
  • She doesn’t like bicycles, which she finds exhausting to utilize it.


  • ".........." (Mogeko Castle Bonus Room)
  • "Mnenosyne did nothing wrong." (To Nataka)


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