"He's such a coward of a wolf."
They speak, behind his back, of the wolf boy Shirogane.
He's more cowardly and weak than anyone.
Even with the encouragement of his kind friend, his heart is forever full of sorrow.
Once more, his icy scream echoes across Iceberg Isle.

–Ice Watching, Tagline

Ice Scream
~Happy Friends on Iceberg Isle~


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Japanese Title アイス・スクリーム
Romaji Title Aisu Sukuriimu
Media Information
Type of Media Flash Video, Comics, Game
Series Ice Scream
Engine RPG Maker MV (Game)
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Release Date June 27, 2020 (Game)
Latest Update Ice Watching: Round Three
Official Page funamusea.com
Pages of Official Translations
Chinese (traditional) sikiv
English Ice Watching: vgperson

Remake Funamusea Translations

Spanish PapiXistar

Ice Scream is a multi-media series by Deep-Sea Prisoner. It has sporadic comic-strip updates, pictures, and a mini flash game. Three of the characters have appeared in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. It is also DSP's fourth game made with RPG Maker and second remake game behind Mogeko Castle. The game was officially released on June 27, 2020.


The plot mostly revolves around the life of Shirogane, an arctic wolf, and his other animal friends and neighbors on Iceberg Isle. The small cast all live on the same isle, and often interact with each other in various ways. Through the bad and the good, the happenings of these people are illustrated to readers. Whether it be orca attacks or two characters merely interacting, there is not a solid plot to Ice Scream.

Despite this, Deep-Sea Prisoner has made an interactive flash game called "Ice Watching," showing the layout of the Isle and a bit more on the characters. Unfortunately, not much has occurred within this series outside of certain pictures in the LOGS and now deleted MEMO.


  • The original Ice Scream flash game had a release of three episodes known as "watches."
  • Currently, the Ice Scream Remake has one watch upon it's release in 2020.


Ice Scream
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