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"Human Worlds" is an unofficial name that will be used in the wiki.
If an official name becomes available, the terminology in the wiki will be changed accordingly.

Within the universe of Deep-Sea Prisoner's works, there are multiple unnamed human worlds. This was first strongly implied in Seaside Dispatches 2 and thereafter confirmed by DSP during a live stream in September of 2020. [1]

Human World A

This is a placeholder name for the world that Yonaka Kuraui originates from. It would be safe to assume the locations of this world are - generally speaking - the same as our world as we do get to see glances thanks to Mogeko Castle and a calendar image that supports this idea.



Yaboshi High School

Yonaka Kurai and Shinya Kurai are students of this school. Torimi also wears the uniform for this school.

Unnamed Schools

Human World B

I'm home...

This page contains heavy spoilers about Seaside Dispatches 2. If you wish not to be spoiled, do not read this article unless you have read the manga. Perhaps, read something else instead!

This is a placeholder name for the world that Victor Flankenstein used to live in before it was destroyed by Fumus. A few minimal glimpses of this world were shown in Seaside Dispatches 2. It seems this world had 19th century technology.

Other Worlds/Locations

Other human-related locations have also been shown in DSP's works that have yet to be confirmed to belong to specific worlds.

Unnamed Schools


  • Mogeko Castle - Yonaka ends her journey by returning to Human World A.
  • "Dying Tomorrow" - The story takes place in a human world, specifically the school that Tsubaki attends.



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