Heller (ヘラー) is a character from the same world that Obsolete Dream takes place in. She is the mute leader of Hell's Yōkai.



Character Information
Japanese Name ヘラー
Romaji Name Herā
Character Code 0053
Location Pitch Black World
Biological Information
Species Devil
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Ruler of Hell's Youkai
Personal Status
Relatives Gokuen (Father)


Heller has long, straight black hair, raceless white skin and red eyes with black pupils. She wears a bluish-gray coat, a red shirt with a big black dripping pattern on it, bluish-gray pants with gray linings on the side, black socks and red slippers. She also wears black-rimmed glasses and is usually depicted possessing crimson and black energy spheres.

She can sometimes be seen wearing a dark grey yukata with a bright red nagajuban, black obi, bright red obijime, her hair loosely tied up with a red and white hair accessory in a low ponytail.


Not much is known about her personality other than the fact that she is mute.


Not much is known about her past.


Up to this day, Heller has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's Illustrations.




Gokuen is Heller's father.

Obsolete Dream Cast


They seemingly know each other.

Other Characters


Heller has one sided feelings towards Satanick as seen in the 2017 10 21 update where an arrow is shown pointing to Satanick; however these feelings are not reciprocated and Satanick is shown to be uncomfortable. This could possibly be because of Satanick's relations with her father, Gokuen.


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  • She can be seen wielding a black katana in some of the artworks.
  • She can be seen holding and smoking from a kiseru in some of the artworks.
  • As of September 17th 2017, Heller was moved up to the devil's category on the Character's page.



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